Updated UI and new assistant feature to enhance ease-of-use for all users

July 4, 2019

aXcelerate is continuing its product updates, launching another batch of improvements and fixes to enhance functionality and user experience. One of the biggest changes is the release of a new-look UI and a new help feature - the aXcelerate Assistant. As always, the Development Team are constantly implementing and testing features that will ensure the system enables users to meet new compliance requirements.

aXcelerate's new UI

In July, we released the new and updated aXcelerate user interface. This project is aimed at modernising the aXcelerate user experience and introducing consistency to design standards wherever possible. As part of this, we have also updated the available themes and refreshed the system font to improve readability. This project is the culmination of many months of hard work from our design team and is a fantastic achievement given the scope of the job.

new aXcelerate UI

The aXcelerate Assistant

The new aXcelerate Assistant was launched on 20th June. Our goal for the aXcelerate Assistant was simple: to provide the help you need, when you need it.

Based on your feedback we designed the aXcelerate Assistant with easy navigation, simple instructions and short demos that will allow you to make better use of aXcelerate. The aXcelerate Assistant will allow users to easily access relevant help documentation from our Support Centre. 

aXcelerate assistant interactive sidebar

To launch the aXcelerate Assistant, just click the help icon next to any page title. The aXcelerate Assistant will open a simple search function and a list of suggested help resources related to the page you are currently viewing.

With the introduction of the aXcelerate Assistant, the third-party service used to manage the interactive guides will no longer be available.

Our commitment to continuous improvement of the aXcelerate Assistant is to ensure you have the support you need to utilise the system to its full extent. 


In addition to our full-length training webinars, we have introduced SHOTs (Short Hits of Training). These short video tutorials demonstrate how to perform particular tasks in the system. SHOTs are already included in our help articles and will soon be available in the aXcelerate Assistant. 

You can find the current list of SHOTs in the 'getting started' section of the support centre, or here.

We hope the new aXcelerate Assistant and SHOT videos encourage you to use more of the extensive features and capabilities of aXcelerate. Please share your ideas and suggestions for future improvements on the Ideas Forum or contact support if you want us to talk you through it.

aXcelerate Ideas Forum

Got a suggestion for a new feature or improvement? In 2019, aXcelerate has placed a renewed interest in collecting ideas from its most valuable assets: its users. The Ideas Forum is where you can have your say regarding the future development of aXcelerate. We have already implemented a number of suggestions this year, including:

  • Custom Templates Categories to assist in filing communication templates
  • The ability to send a one-off SMS or email to a contact, without going via the Templates or Merge Docs feature
  • Organisation Notes (NEW), which allows you to add notes against an organisation in the same way that you can for contacts

Upcoming: eCAF integration, TCSI compliance

Over the next quarter, we are working on the integration of eCAF forms in aXcelerate (a much requested feature) along with the changes required for TCSI compliance - the upcoming changes to VSL reporting moving into 2020. For more on what you need to know about TCSI please visit here

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