15 Aug

Customising your aXcelerate Learner Portal: A Quick How-To Guide

Recently, our Support Specialists Tom and Luke hosted a webinar on customising the aXcelerate Learner Portal. Here’s a breakdown of the key points covered in the webinar, which you can also watch here

Why use the Learner Portal? 

Over the years, we’ve made some significant improvements to the Learner Portal, and there is a lot of functionality that is under-utilised by RTOs. The Learner Portal is not just for assessments – learners can also access resources that you make available to them, and update their own information. Depending on your settings, learners can also provide their own AVETMISS or contact details. 

Let’s go through how you can customise your Learner Portal. 

Branding, theme & opacity

  1. Go to your System Settings
  2. Click on Learner Portal & App Settings
  3. Select the Logo and customisation tab

You’ll be able to see a view similar to this: 

Here, you can set your light and dark mode logos and background images. Your logo needs to be a .png format, and your background images can be either .png, .jpg or .gif. 

Please note that learners will always see the Portal in light mode by default, and can toggle between light and dark to suit their preferences in their personal Portal. 

aXcelerate Learner Portal example
Learner Portal with night mode enabled example

Background Container Opacity – 60% - 80%

This percentage sets the opacity of your background container. This is the container that sits on top of your background image and behind your resources and activities. We recommend setting your opacity between 60% – 80% for optimised readability. 


You can choose the colour that best suits your branding. For our example, we’ve used Marigold to match our sunset background images. 

Font Family

You can also choose which font you'd like the Learner Portal to display.

Display Options

Enable Learner Dashboard

By default, this option is always selected as ‘Yes’. This option lets your learners see a personalised dashboard before going into one of their online classes, rather than going straight to their class. 

There are certain specific use cases where this option may be disabled, such as if a learner is only enrolled in one course, and may be struggling with the transition from paper-based to online learning. 

Show Welcome Message

This option is also always selected as ‘Yes’ by default. This means the very first time a learner accesses their Learner Portal, they will see a welcome message pop up on their screen. 

You can customise this message, including embedding PowerPoints, videos, images and links. 

Default Course Overview Tab

This option lets you set the first thing learners see in their class. This could be the Units, their Learning Plan, or Activity Details. If your organisation uses Learning Plans, we recommend setting Learning Plans as the default tab. 

Learner Profile Customisation

Show Learner Portfolio

As an example, say a learner is doing a forklift training course. They’ll need a driver’s licence on record. To upload this, go to their Profile Settings, then select Portfolio. You can add new licences here, and view current licences and their associated due dates and other information.

If you would like to learn more about Portfolios, view our Help Guide here.

Show Invoices/Payments

If you select this option as ‘Yes’, learners will be able to see their invoices under their Payments.

Show VET Details

This option refers to the VET Details tab within the learner’s Profile Settings. 

If you set this option to allow learners to edit their personal VET details, your learners will be able to go into their profile and update these fields. 

As these are included in AVETMISS reporting, it's important to be careful with this setting. Make sure you speak to your compliance team before enabling learners to update their VET details. 

Learner Customisation

Your learners can change certain aspects of the Learner Portal. This includes the font, theme and night mode. 

Learning Plans – allow learners to provide Module feedback

Enabling this option allows your learners to provide feedback on Learning Plan Modules to your organisation. 

In System Settings, you can choose the user who receives this feedback.

If your learners have more general, overall feedback outside of Learning Plans, they can click on the question mark icon, and select Submit Feedback. 

To learn more, view our Help Guide here or watch our recent Learner Portal webinar here

Upcoming aXcelerate webinars

We have a full schedule of webinars with our Support Specialists lined up over the coming months. Our next webinar is on 20 September and will be covering how to get started with Learning Plans. View the schedule and register here