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aXcelerate Leaner App and Dashboards

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Take your paper-based logbooks online

Work-based Learning

Work-based Learning is your one-stop solution for end-to-end management of work placements or learning on the job. This feature allows students to capture work placement hours attended, log work-based activities, undertake assessments and upload evidence for their supervisor to approve.

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aXcelerate Work-based Learning App


Create new versions of your online assessments

Online Assessment Versioning

Easily create and deploy new versions of your Assessments when training packages change. Streamline compliance by recording what’s changed in the version history log.

aXcelerate Partner Portal
Under Development

Sync up your aXcelerate and Google Calendar

Google Calendar Integration

Integrate and link your aXcelerate calendar with your Google calendar.

aXcelerate Google Calendar
Under Development

Build templates with ease

Template Builder Improvements

Creating an easier way to create and add fields to templates.

aXcelerate Log In eXperience
Under Development

Centralise and simplify communications

Learner Messaging

Learners will be able to easily and quickly message trainers and admins directly through the Learner Portal – keeping all communications within aXcelerate’s One System solution. Admins and trainers will save time troubleshooting issues with learners, alongside having better insight and oversight into the communications between staff and learners.

aXcelerate Partner Portal

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