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aXcelerate Leaner App and Dashboards

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aXcelerate Learning Plan displaying prerequisites

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Organise your learning and assessment

Learning Plans

Learning Plans allow you to schedule, order and present your online course content in easy-to-navigate learning modules. Set up rules, dependencies and prerequisites for learning and assessment throughout each learning module. Our Learning Plans also allow for a combination of self-driven and schedule-based progression to ensure learners stay on track.

Tools for all your Learning Management Needs

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Take your paper-based logbooks online

Work-based Learning

Work-based Learning is your one-stop solution for end-to-end management of work placements or learning on the job. This feature allows students to capture work placement hours attended, log work-based activities, undertake assessments and upload evidence for their Supervisor to approve. Trainers and Employers/Supervisors can view their work placement arrangements, validate and approve workplace activities, mark online assessments and provide feedback regarding the student’s progress to key stakeholders. Digital signatures can be utilised for attendance and recognition of work-based learning activity.

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aXcelerate Work-based Learning App
aXcelerate Auto Contract Reconciliation

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Stay on top of your funded payments

Auto Contract Reconciliation

Do you struggle to reconcile your government-funded payments? Our new Auto-Contract Reconciliation feature reconciles payments that have been received by the government for funded course enrolments. This tool allows you to upload a spreadsheet containing the payments received from your reporting body. It will then match any enrolments in the aXcelerate system that have corresponding records that appear in the spreadsheet letting you know whether you have been paid the correct amount.

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Manage your partners in one place

Partner Portal

aXcelerate’s new Partner Portal allows you to set up specific domains for each of your delivery partners. Partners can log in and utilise aXcelerate for the training they deliver on behalf of your organisation, and from there, you’re able to easily track the number of certificates issued to be able to invoice your partner. You can also restrict your partners to specific course types in aXcelerate and keep track of all the courses that have been delivered.

aXcelerate Partner Portal
aXcelerate revenue recognition

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Stay on top of your student finance

Revenue Recognition

Recognising revenue in aXcelerate is particularly useful for RTOs who deliver longer courses where the organisation recognises income as a portion of the course delivery. With this tool, aXcelerate gives financial controllers a clear view of the financial status of their organisation on a monthly basis.

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Scan and validate

QR Codes

Add QR codes to certificates in aXcelerate’s certificate builder. Scan the QR code on issued certificates to quickly validate and see what was achieved. You can also go to a public page where you can input a student's surname and certificate number to validate credentials without a QR code.

aXcelerate QR Codes

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