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As the industry leaders in competency-based assessment, our focus and commitment is always to innovate—to continually design, create, refine, and adapt to remain at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.

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We’re driven by a love of learning

Our mission has always been to support life-long learning and empower individuals and organisations with the knowledge and competencies to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. We know that to achieve this, innovation is vital, and we’re committed to adapting and improving our services for the benefit of a skilled Australian workforce.

We’ve already made an adaptable solution for a diverse range of training needs, but now we’re working towards being a global leader in training management systems. We know that our unique offering has the potential to assist individuals, institutions, and enterprises around the globe to track learning and assessment against recognised competency frameworks.

We’ve simplified training compliance management for over 1,200 organisations

We’re proud of our heart values

The meaning of HEART goes beyond the literal values in the acronym. It’s a symbolic reference to the organ that gives life, warmth, rhythm, circulation, and connection.

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Accelerating towards a greener future

Our commitment to the environment is deeply ingrained in our core values and we aim to demonstrate our responsibility through our actions and corporate policies. Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner and our commitment to supporting our community is at the heart of what do, which is why we established aXcelerate Assist.

Meet our leadership team

Reay Mackay

Founder & Chairman

Julie Verner-Mackay

Founder & Director

David O’Rourke

Chief Executive Officer

Dale Watkinson

Chief Operations Officer

Mike Haworth

Finance & Procurement Manager

Danni Lopez

Human Success Manager

Brenden Carr

Operations Manager

Mark Parker

Sales & Marketing Manager

Sam Mackay

Head of Product

Enabling skills development in Australia

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