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Working towards a more sustainable future.

Our new logo - Why the change?

In a nutshell, our new green logo represents our commitment to sustainability. With time, not only has our red X lacked the positivity that we care about as individuals and as a company, but we’ve also matured and developed a clearer understanding of what is truly important to us.

Here at aXcelerate, we know that sustainability is the only viable option to preserve our planet’s resources, reduce our carbon footprint, and create a better future for society. Our mission has always been to support life-long learning and empower individuals and organisations with the skills, knowledge, and competencies to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Our commitment to the environment is deeply ingrained in our core values and we aim to demonstrate our responsibility through our actions and corporate policies. Our vision is to leave an environment that is well-prepared for future generations. Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is extremely important to us and our commitment to supporting our community. We’re excited to see where this journey takes us and can’t wait to see in what ways we'll be thriving in another 30 years.

What does aXcelerate do to assist?

Establishment of aXcelerate Assist

Continual support for not-for-profit organisations. These Include:

  • SWORD Volunteer Fire & Emergency Services

  • Surf Life Saving foundation

  • Breast Cancer Foundation

  • Conservation volunteers

Assist Continued

Many of these organisations have a scarce and unstable stream of resources. With our free accounts, they are able to maximise efficiency in training. This also results in the capacity for further recruitment. We have received feedback mentioning that our efforts have improved both the environment and the unemployed rate.  

aXcelerate is passionate about upholding social responsibility amongst our local and extended community. Consequently, we proactively assist a number of not-for-profit organisations by fully sponsoring their use of our system, so that their mission is made easier and the community benefits as a result.

Environmental Sustainability

Every day, we make choices in our lives that affect the environment, the climate, and the communities who share this planet. Environmental sustainability aims to improve human welfare through the protection of natural capital (e.g. land, air, water, minerals etc.). Initiatives and programs are defined as environmentally sustainable when they ensure that the needs of the population are met without the risk of compromising the needs of future generations. Our commitment includes supporting environmental not-for-profit organisations including Bush Heritage Australia and Conservation Volunteers Australia.

What else does do as a company to assist?

Limit single use
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Battery Recycle
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Electronic Recycle
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Social Impact
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Solar Panels for
the Office
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