Work-Based Learning

A new way to manage
on-the-job training

Digitise and automate apprenticeship, traineeship, and work placements straight from an SMS
 A supervisor films a construction learner performing a task as work placement evidence

Complete apprenticeship management, from placement setup to completion

One-time setup
Maximise your placement ROI with templates and automation that replace repetitive tasks and printing costs
Digital evidence capture
Empower trainees to capture and record activities with a guided digital logbook
Monitor progress and sentiment
Select the best host employers based on sentiment ratings and influence training outcomes
Speedy compliance mapping
Easily map on-the-job activities and evidence back to qualification requirements

The easiest way to capture work-based skills evidence

Increase learner satisfaction while gaining complete oversight over your organisation’s on-the-job training programs.

 Uploaded files of on-the-job training evidence
A completely digitised experience
With responsive applications built for mobile, tablet, and PC, everyone has the tools they need at their fingertips
Capture authentic evidence
Create a digital body of evidence that becomes a beautiful skills portfolio to help graduates land a job
Gather data to improve your training
See how your students are applying course skills to real-world situations to then further refine your training
Make it scalable
Reduce the manual process associated with managing on-the-job training to create a program that grows with your business
 A host employer and supervisor look at their phone to view a learner’s on-the-job skills

Stand out to host employers

Work-Based Learning makes it easy to attract and maintain relationships with great host employers. You can even monitor apprentice sentiment to ensure you engage the best host employer each time. Win, win.

Empowered supervisors
Offer a modern logbook system that allows host supervisors to spend less time on paperwork and more time on meaningful interaction
Transparent scheduling
Host employers can easily access their training calendar using the scheduling functionality in the supervisor app
Streamlined third-party sign-off
The intuitive Work-Based Learning app lets supervisors approve, authorise, and give feedback in real time.
Getting started is easy
Join the 1,200+ organisations simplifying their training management

Secure apprenticeship management

Keep the data of your students and host employers safe with an on-the-job training platform built with security in mind.

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Incredible on-the-job training management for everyone

Private RTO
Gain complete control of your training management with a system that lets you focus on learner engagement.
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Deliver a better student and apprentice experience with a system that integrates with all of yours.
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Improve your training outcomes with a secure platform that conforms to the needs of your agency.
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Give your staff the tools they need to thrive at work with a training solution that does all the heavy lifting.
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