26 Sep

CITC - Construction Case Study

Construction Industry Training Centre (CITC) was founded in the mid-90’s in Adelaide, to provide high-grade training for a range of traditional trades. Though not obvious from the company name, the industries that they cover are extensive, including Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Maritime, and the Defence Forces throughout South Australia.

Specialities for the training centre include High Risk Work Licensing, Asbestos, and White Card, delivered by trainers who are leaders in their fields. Last year, they delivered training to a total of 10,656 people, helping them on their way to fruitful careers.

For Business Manager Paul Deverix, what differentiates CITC from other training organisations is the unerring support offered to their students, from the moment they sign onto courses, to the time they wave goodbye, certificates in hand. The staff at CITC gain deep satisfaction from the success of their students, which they view as a critical company responsibility—a kind of parental act in which looking after them is just as important as the training itself.

Paul believes that aXcelerate has been paramount to their continued growth as a business, offering all of the functionality needed for a training organisation to thrive. They started using the system six years ago, and haven’t looked back.

“aXcelerate has made a huge difference for us. It’s a one-stop shop”
—Paul Deverix

A vital component of the system for CITC is the Online Enrolments feature, which takes care of between 10-20 enrolments each day, saving a ton of manual enrolment work for staff. Other key components for the system include monthly AVETMISS reporting, which allows errors to be fixed with ease, automated Learner Engagement surveys, and a central place to store quality control documents.

“CITC first used aXcelerate in July 2013 and it quickly became our one stop shop. We use it for all our bookings, including online bookings via our website, for ASQA compliance, and for all training and staff requirements. Our administration staff and trainers find it easy to use. It’s a valuable asset to our organisation.”
—Paul Deverix

Valuable construction training requires a few key ingredients. As a hands-on industry, the correct equipment and course materials must be acquired and maintained; trainers must have extensive experience in their particular industry, with some continuing to work on weekends, helping to maintain their skill currency. They also need to be excellent communicators, with a natural capacity and motivation to train. Finally, they need to adopt the training centre’s attitude of unwavering support for the student, to guide them through their education with a sense of reassuring confidence and ease. Finding the right trainers is critical.

CITC are aware that every qualification is unique, requiring a specific approach for the training to be effective. For this reason, they tailor courses to suit each and every qualification, rather than adopting an antiquated “one size fits all” approach. Having operated for a quarter of a century, and delivering courses to thousands of students each year, CITC have the experience to know what works for the construction industry.

Popular construction courses for the training centre include Asbestos ID and Awareness, Certification IV in Work Health and Safety, and White Card, which they run up to three times a week. aXcelerate has eased their workload considerably by handing the enrolment process over to the student, and taking the pressure away from regulation, with its compliance-related features. This allows CITC to focus on what they’re good at—delivering first-rate training to their students.