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We’ve upgraded the student experience—introducing the new Learner Portal

February 7, 2020

After months of caffeine-fuelled development, our improved Learner Portal is ready for release! The portal will be a place for your students to manage their learning. For more information on what the Learner Portal can do, check out our Student eXperience page.

What do I need to do?

Please take some time to review your workshops and classes in the portal to ensure that they’re displaying as you expect. You can access the Learner Portal here.

Once you’ve confirmed everything looks good, you can contact our Customer Success team to request activation. When activated, all existing student links and logins will redirect to the new Learner Portal.

This release is only our first phase, which means we have further enhancements planned and we would love to hear your feedback. Please provide comments and thoughts directly to our Product Team on this page, as it’ll help to improve the feature, and lead to an excellent full release.

Check out this SHOT series for more info on how the Learner Portal works, or take a look at our Learner Portal help article.

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