8 Jun

The account migration project is complete

Over the past year, our team has been working behind the scenes on changes that will improve the performance of our service. The number of users and learners we support has grown substantially (to over 1.5M!), which has required us to invest in improvements that will enable us to better distribute and scale the load of traffic on our systems.

We are delighted to advise that the account migration project is now complete, and all client accounts have been successfully migrated.

A better development environment for us, an improved experience for you

This project was undertaken to provide a better user experience for everyone in the growing aXcelerate community. There are multiple benefits that you’ll be able to experience now that your account has been migrated. 

Higher Availability for Reporting  

Nightly report warehousing is now much faster, allowing warehoused reports to be online for longer and available earlier each morning. Reporting wait queues are also shorter, and workflows reliant on the report queue will be completed closer to the scheduled time. 

Reduced ‘noisy neighbour’ effect, with more room to grow 

Have you ever been kept awake at night waiting for a noisy neighbour's party to end? Ever wished you could move to another part of town that was quieter? That's exactly what we've done for all of our users with this change. We’ve split up the database into smaller sections with fewer clients on each one, so that the actions of one have limited impact on the rest. 

Male and female colleague in team meeting, smiling at someone off screen
With the data separated evenly, there is more room to grow.

Better security for your users with multi-factor authentication 

Last year, we launched our new login experience to continue delivering best practice security standards and performance enhancements. The new login experience was an important first step in beginning the account migration project. Although this was a demanding change, it was a change that allowed us to add a stronger level of security to all aXcelerate accounts. With increasing cybercrime incidents in Australia, this change means your account has stronger protection with Multi-Factor Authentication. 

Personalised subdomains 

You’ll notice that your new login domain link now has your business’s chosen subdomain name, i.e. yoursubdomain.app.axcelerate.com. Alongside the ability to customise the system to your business’s branding preferences, such as customising the Learner Portal, having your own personalised subdomain will help give your staff and students a training experience unique to your business. 

Infrastructure that adapts to demand

We've also transitioned to ‘infrastructure as code’. This is the industry benchmark for modern SaaS architecture, giving you peace of mind that our system scales elastically as the load grows. This also enables our team to implement much smoother system updates and upgrades, giving you a superior system experience.

Our aim is to be the best student and learning management system in Australia, and the completion of this account migration project has been an important step on the never-ending path towards optimal system performance. 

Overall, this project has allowed us to introduce a better system experience for everyone in the growing aXcelerate community, and create a better environment for our team to implement faster improvements and feature developments.

If you’d like to learn more about your aXcelerate account migration, you can view our FAQs here.