1 Nov

Simplify how learners seek help and facilitate speedier resolutions

Our latest LMS feature — Learner Help Requests — is now live. With over 1,600 messages sent during Beta and over 63% of requests resolved, we’re excited to show you a new way of supporting Learners.

Right now you can enable the feature so that Learners can effortlessly create a Help Request from the Learner Portal and have Admins or Trainers respond in a chat-style format. From the Admin view, you can keep on top of requests with a central view and the ability to assign, categorise, filter and monitor. 

The Help Requests feature helps reduce the time spent troubleshooting issues with learners while letting you manage all of your communications within the aXcelerate system for simplicity and auditing purposes.

During the Beta phase, we introduced some valuable improvements including:

  • Ability to attach files to messages from both the Learner Portal and Admin/Trainer View
  • Clearer  ‘message sent’ indicators to avoid resend attempts
  • Set filter and sorting preferences will be preserved
  • Clearer permission indicators for users
  • ‘Empty-state’ messages have been added to search results
  • Ability to update requests statuses from Admin area
  • More intuitive Admin area search results
  • Ability to enable use for Trainers through the main navigation menu

Learner Help Requests is the first in a suite of in-app communication tools that aim to simplify how learners ask for help and reach out to peers and trainers, and how you manage communications.

Turbo Accounts can enable this feature from the Learner Portal & App Settings page. 

Watch our SHOT video to learn how to get started today.