25 Nov

Our Multiple Contact Enrolment Got a Refresh

This Release Note Rundown showcases two newly implemented features: The new modal for public workshop enrolments and an improved process for assessment content file upload. 

1. New Public Workshop Enrolment Modal 

Enrolling multiple students into a public workshop is a lot more exciting!... No, seriously. 

Although the change might be considered small for some, we’ve updated the way you enrol multiple contacts. When selecting contacts to enrol into a public workshop, users will now be presented with a new interface that allows you to select multiple contacts for enrolment.

This new interface will also feature the incredibly useful ability for you to create and update contact records – all in one place.

Quite simply, we wanted to make the process to enrol multiple contacts easier and more intuitive. This new modal will allow contact details to be created or updated at the enrolment stage – making it easier and more convenient to quickly add new learners. 

2.  Improved Assessment Content File Upload 

All Online Assessment HTML editors now support uploading images directly to the images library, rather than needing to add the image via a link. 

Instead of only having the option of inputting a Source link to embed any images within your Online Assessment, there is now capacity to directly upload any image. 

This will make the assessment process design much more efficient as you will no longer have to separately upload any files into your image library to receive the source link. Any uploaded images will then be automatically stored within your image library once the assessment is created. 

Further Improvements 

  • All contact search/select widgets in the system have been updated to support searching by contactID
  • The Ezypay Payment page has been updated to better support mobile responsiveness
  • The contact domains feature now supports multiple domains per-contact 
  • Improvements have been made to the Standard Assessment submission process in the Learner Portal
  • The timeout period for templates sent with large attachments has been increased to 60 seconds

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