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aXcelerate's Webinar Series: 009 Advanced Reporting pt 2


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aXcelerate's Webinar Series 010: Advanced Reporting Part 3

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What is this Webinar about?

This webinar looked at building and effectively using specific and often-requested reports in aXcelerate. In part 3, we looked at finance reporting for individual enrolments, finance reporting for enrolments with payment plans, and finance summary reports / charts.


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More about the aXcelerate Onboarding Team

The Onboarding team are our aXcelerate system champions, with over 10 years experience in the training industry between them and over 5 years of aXcelerate experience. They have been seamlessly transitioning clients to aXcelerate over the last few years, aligning the system to meet their RTO goals while helping them achieve complete compliance.


More about Katie and Sam

Katie Mackay has more than 10 years of experience working at aXcelerate across most areas of the business. She initially started as a frontline technical support person then went on to become the Implementation Manager and Customer Engagement Manager where she was responsible for troubleshooting and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.  Currently, in the position of Senior Sales Executive, she has a vast wealth of knowledge regarding the VET sector and aXcelerate. Her major goal is to assist aXcelerate clients to realise the benefits of the role that software plays in driving business performance.

As a Product Designer at aXcelerate, Sam is involved in collaborating with our clients and development team to generate product solutions that you’ll love to use. Sam is the primary designer of our LMS and Online Assessment features so bring along any questions about current or future developments in these areas.


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