1 Nov

Ezypay on managing the growth of your education business with automatic billing in aXcelerate

Ezypay is Australia’s leading subscription, recurring and instalment payment solutions provider. Since its establishment in 1996, Ezypay has continued to support education businesses to generate revenue and settle complex financial scenarios with students. 

Ezypay’s integration with the aXcelerate platform offers education businesses a suite of features to set up student payment plans and to automate recurring direct debit payments. The platform enables businesses to offer multiple payment options to their students, including direct debit and credit card, and to improve revenue collection rates through advanced failed payment handling capabilities. The Ezypay platform is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) accredited, ensuring all customer debit and credit card handling, billing and payment processing are achieved at the highest level of security.  

Ezypay has processed over $3 billion worth of subscription payments in 9 countries across the Asia Pacific region (Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and South Korea) and are continually expanding. 

Manage the growth of your education business with automatic billing 

With the move to online education models over the last decade, and more notably, the rush to digital that came with COVID-19 over the last two years, education businesses have found themselves expanding their target markets and taking on the responsibilities and demands of a thriving digital business. Customer expectations also changed. Payment flexibility became a priority for students as they juggled financial demands, and a stronger competitive landscape entitled students to select the provider that would cater to their individual needs.  

However, equally present during this time, was the innovation of technology to help shoulder the manual burden of increased administrative tasks and support businesses through this transformation. 

Exchanging 'manual' for 'automated' 

Business success in the education sector relies heavily on maintaining the flow of regular enrolments, ensuring smooth student onboarding and continuing to deliver value for your existing student base. This is why implementing a technology solution to support your business and automate your payment collection can do a world of good. This will free up your time and resources to spend on the more important, revenue-generating activities while leaving the receivables duties to a program designed to do this for you.  

Implementing automatic payments can be advantageous across many areas of the business; from its ability to eliminate arduous manual invoicing right through to the auto-rebill functions to manage any failed payments.  

Offering payment flexibility 

Your prospective customers are always searching for businesses that can address their specific requirements and meet their demands, and they make buying decisions based on this. They have access to vast amounts of information online, which has allowed them to take charge of finding businesses that meet their needs better than others – and this includes the payment options on offer. 

Offering payment plans or regular ongoing debits for continued learning will set you apart from other providers and encourage the uptake of new enrolments. Similarly, by offering a variety of payment methods, you can further improve accessibility for students.  

For example, some customers prefer recurring card payments, and they may even have a preference for a specific type, such as American Express, MasterCard or Visa. They may be accumulating points or are simply requiring a credit purchase. Others may choose to forgo credit for a bank direct debit payment, and with the internet connecting international markets easily, you may even find that your new enrolments want to pay with international cards and currencies. 

This has meant that education businesses have had to adapt to be far more accommodating to their customers’ needs, or risk being overtaken by competitors who better meet these demands. 

Implement automatic billing through aXcelerate 

Implementing automatic payments through your aXcelerate platform is a guided and easy process. As with all changes, it can be a challenge to disrupt your current momentum to implement something new. However, you will have all the support you need from aXcelerate and Ezypay to get set up and going.

To reap the benefits of billing automation and begin to offer more payment flexibility to your students, simply complete the Ezypay application form. Once approved, the aXcelerate team can activate the integration for you. Check out this SHOT series for more info on how the Ezypay integration works, or take a look at the Ezypay help doc