31 Oct

Set up Student Payment Plans with Ezypay

Ezypay is a payment solution that allows you to take recurring direct debit payments from students.

Our integration with Ezypay allows you to automatically collect course fees from students, without having to chase invoices. These payments can be made with credit cards, or from bank accounts, and payments received will reduce the outstanding balance on the invoice until fully paid.

Ezypay Payment Plans

Payment plans can be customised to suit your needs, with options such as deposit amounts, billing frequencies, and start dates. The plans can then be made available to students enrolling online, or can be manually applied by your team.

A student’s payment details can be added by your team, or you can send them a link to add the info themselves. aXcelerate doesn’t store any credit card or banking information. All information is held securely in Ezypay, who are PCI compliant (the highest payment security accreditation).

Ezypay update payment

Upcoming and past payments are easily accessible, and you can make modifications or issue refunds if needed.

If you would like to use our Ezypay integration, you’ll first need to complete an application with Ezypay. Once approved, our team can activate the integration.

Check out this SHOT series for more info on how our Ezypay integration works, or take a look at our Ezypay help doc.