1 Nov

One year since we released Learning Plans

It’s been a year since we officially released our Learning Plans feature in the aXcelerate LMS! We’ve loved seeing so many of our clients start using the full capabilities of the aXcelerate system and creating some amazing Learning Plans. 

Remind me – what are Learning Plans? 

Learning Plans are used to structure the content within a course and allow you to control the order in which a student will access and complete the course materials using date and prerequisite rules. This feature allows you to easily create a guided and more intuitive learning experience for your learners. 

Need a refresher on using Learning Plans?

Check out our support resources on Learning Plans: 

Short Hits of Training videos: Let our Support Specialist Brad walk you through how to use Learning Plans in four short videos. 

Written guide: View our comprehensive support guide for everything you need to know about using Learning Plans.  

Learning Plans Overview: Our Lead Product Designer Sam walks through an overview of the feature. 

Want to get started with using Learning Plans? 

Learning Plans are part of the aXcelerate Learning Management System. If you’d like to learn more about our LMS, let our team know by sending us a message here or by calling 3215 8888.

This year we’ve added some new improvements to Learning Plans

Learning Plans are used to structure and order the content within a course to give students a guided learning experience. This experience has already been available within the Learner Portal, but is now also available for Learners within the aXcelerate Learner App. Any Learners with enrolments linked to a Learning Plan will be able to view course content on their mobile devices.

Previewing Learning Plans

Learning Plans can now be previewed to inspect how a student would see the Plan in the Learner Portal. All elements in the preview will appear as if they were unlocked. When in this Preview Mode, elements can be added but not removed or edited. 

Online Assessment & Learning Plan Approval

Both Online Assessments and Learning Plans now both have a 'Publish' permission that prevents non-authorised users from being able to publish them. When users without the permission attempt to publish an Online Assessment Task or Learning Plan, it will be set to Pending Approval until a user with permission approves the Assessment/Learning Plan and publishes it. Any users or roles that have the 'Edit' permission for Assessments or Learning Plans will have the publish permission when this change is released.