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The learner's journey with aXcelerate learning plans

Learning Plans

  • Schedule, order and present your online course content into Learning Modules that are mapped back to Units
  • A new view for Learners will display their full Learning Plan under their course overview
  • Setup the dependencies and prerequisites for Learning and Assessment throughout each Learning Module
  • Keep your Learning and Assessment in sync with your key Unit and Course dates
  • Allow a combination of self-driven and schedule based progression to ensure Learners stay on track

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aXcelerate online assessment drag and drop question type

Online Assessments

  • Students can complete engaging online assessments, with instant results
  • Create a range of assessment modes, such as observation checklists, online quizzes, short answer, marking criteria or RPL evidence
  • Assessors can conduct and mark assessments, write outcomes, provide feedback, and apply their electronic signature to authenticate the assessment
  • Assessors can also capture photo and video evidence to upload against specific assessment criteria

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Assessment mapping process and criteria to check assessment coverage

Assessment Mapping

  • View the full question content against its relevant Unit criteria based on your mapping
  • Filter on what Unit criteria have not yet been mapped to easily see what coverage your assessments have so far
  • Fully export your Assessment mapping data at both the Unit and Qualification levels

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Example First Aid Basics course with lessons and content creation

Lessons and Content Creation

  • These courses are a combination of content, media and automarked quiz questions
  • Multiple attempts are not required, Learners will progress through the Lesson until it is completed
  • Lessons will appear under the Learning sections within the Learner Portal

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Virtual classroom within learner portal

Virtual Classrooms

  • Control when students are notified of and given the ability to join the Virtual Classroom
  • Send details of the Virtual Classroom via templates and workflow
  • Allow Learners to access the recording of a Virtual Classroom after it has taken place
  • Attendance will be automatically (tentatively) marked based on which Learners joined the Virtual Classroom from their Portal.

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Integrated eLearning with Moodle and SCORMI

Integrated eLearning

  • Upload and deploy SCORM/xAPI-compliant eLearning content from tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate or iSpring
  • Link eLearning to qualification units
  • Display course results for students
  • Report on eLearning course initiation, time spent and outcomes

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Online enrolments website integration

Online Enrolments

  • Show all qualifications and courses on your website, and manage them easily in your student management system
  • Allow students to browse courses on your website, enrol, or make enquiries. Configure the enrolment form to make the process as easy as possible for users
  • Define mandatory enrolment fields, and allow document uploads such as identification, certificates, visa or passport information, and more
  • Take payment for enrolments, including direct debit payment plans
  • Extra fees apply

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Example hotspot question type to label each part of a bicycle

New Question Types

  • Content - Add content steps to reinforce learning throughout your Assessments and Lessons
  • Match - Create questions that allow matching  ‘Terms’ to their correct Image or Definition
  • Order - Have your learners correctly order items in a drag and drop list
  • Hotspot - Allow learners to identify and label the correct parts of an image
  • Multi Short Answer - Allow learners to respond to multiple text areas within a question which can be used for Tabular style questions

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