4 Apr

Your Work-Based Learning feature questions answered

Thank you to everyone who attended our Work-Based Learning (WBL) feature webinar. We loved showing you the benefits of the feature and how it all works. We also really appreciate all the feedback and questions we’ve received so far. 

If you’ve been using the WBL feature and would like to submit further feedback to our Product Development Team, please do so using this form. Your real-world feedback is welcomed for us to make the feature the best it can be for your organisation. 

Your questions answered

Q: Does the Work-Based Learning feature require us to use all elements of the feature, or can we pick and choose what parts of the feature to use? For example, just the Logbooks?
A: Not all parts of the system are necessary to use to create a work-based learning solution that works for your business. Some aspects such as the Schedule and Presets are entirely optional, however, some core parts of the system will be necessary to configure for the system to work cohesively. If you only want to use the logbook functionality, you would still need to set up a Placement and Host Employer at the very least. Also, Activities – while technically optional – will help to make the learner experience of recording what they worked on easier and more consistent.

Q: How does the feature work if my learners are sourcing their own supervisor (as opposed to being allocated one)?
The best way to handle this scenario in the system at the moment is to gather the host employer and supervisor details from your learners once they've been sourced, and then manually enter them into the system. We can potentially add some features to better support this process if it's a common scenario many of our users need to support.

Q: Is it possible to create WBL programs that are not based on units of competency? 
Placements need to be linked to a class enrolment in the system, but you can create custom Qualifications to link to the enrolment that doesn't necessarily need to have units. Activities also don't need to be linked to units of competency and can just generally be linked to courses.

Q: Does it have audit type functions that we can use to conduct workplace assessments?
We envision this process would be supported by using a combination of work-based learning and online assessments. The WBL feature would manage all aspects of workplace learning while an observation type assessment could be used to assess the competency of a learner while using logbook entries as supporting evidence where appropriate. We also have plans to make this process become more seamlessly interlinked between the WBL and Online Assessment features with additional system improvements.

Q: Can this be used as a third party observation tool?
While there is no dedicated third-party observation feature at the moment, there are tools available in the system that should be able to help facilitate this process.
We currently have planned improvements to better support this process and would love to hear user feedback about how this should ideally work within the system.

Q: Is there a way for supervisors and learners to sign logbooks electronically?
Supervisors are able to provide a digital signature when reviewing a Learner's logbook entry via the Supervisor App. Learners aren't currently prompted to provide a signature as part of this process but this is something we may include as a future improvement.

Q: Does the WBL feature link to the Learning Plans feature? 
We are planning to add the Learning Plan view to the Learner App, but there is no current linked functionality between the two features.

Q: Will future development of this functionality allow more detail to be added to an Activity? 
Yes, we are working on adding more functionality to activities including:

  • Description
  • Activity Evidence
  • Activity Time
  • Conditions (Checkboxes)
  • Learner comments
  • Repetitions

The improvements to Activities we are currently working on are discussed in more detail during the webinar.

Q: If a particular workplace activity needs to be completed a set number of times, is there a way to set or limit the number of times the student can select those activities? And, is there a way of recording how many times that activity has been completed?
There is no way currently to enforce a limit on the number of times you can select an activity. You can currently view how many logbook entries have been created for a specific activity by viewing a Learner’s Logbook and viewing the Entries by Activity. The additional fields we are adding to Activities should also help to track the number of times an activity has been recorded and better inform the Learner of what is required of them.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team by calling 07 3215 8888 (opt 1) or by submitting a ticket here.