17 Nov

aXcelerate Day 2023 – Your questions answered

We were delighted to receive lots of insightful questions during the event, and, although we couldn't address them all on the day, we're dedicated to providing helpful responses in this article.

Is the Learner App compatible with Android?

Yes, the Learner App is compatible with Android and iOS. Learn more about using the aXcelerate Learner App here.

Would you consider allowing custom HTML code in online assessment authoring? Custom HTML does help power-users to do more, but it also leads to more formatting issues, styling inconsistencies and doesn’t benefit users who don’t have knowledge of HTML. Our strategy has been to add a wide range of styling components to our authoring editor to help give all users easy access to complex formatting with consistent styling which you can use already. This is something we may introduce at some stage if there are specific styling and formatting options our users want that we can support with out-of-the-box componentry.

Why did you suggest not putting Lessons/Content into Learning Plans?

Our recommendation is to include the bulk of your learning material in aXcelerate Lessons. These can then be added to your Learning Plan. This helps keep the Learning Plan shorter and easier to navigate. Of course, you can still utilise the Learning Plan ‘Content Blocks’ where it makes sense to do so.

Is there scope for combined question types i.e. file upload available with multi-short answers?

We’re currently looking into a range of enhancements for multi-short answer/form questions. We’re looking at file uploads specifically as part of this.

Is it possible to hide correct assessment answers between attempts when using ‘build on’? Currently, students can see correct responses until the final attempt has been used or they achieve 100%.

We’re currently working on an improvement for this issue.

Can learners and trainers upload photo evidence directly from the Learner or Trainer Portals?

Yes - Learners through their Portfolio or Assessments, and Trainers through the Trainer Evidence feature. 

Are the Lessons Exportable? SCORM has the advantage that it is portable and can moved between host systems.

Not at this stage, but it’s a standard we’d like to adhere to in the future.

Videos in SCORM files - do the full-screen controls come from where the video is embedded or does aXcelerate not allow full-screen?

This is largely controlled by the SCORM package itself, aXcelerate simply ‘hosts’ and runs the package you upload.

When students access the Learner Portal on their phone, are they prompted to access the Learner App? 

No, there is no prompt at this time. It’s ideal if the student is made aware of the app at the start of their enrolment.

Does the Learner Portal work with SCORM content? Or only with aXcelerate learning content?

Yes, the Learner Portal and Learning Plans support the hosting and playback of SCORM packages.

With the planned upgrades to onboarding in the Learner Portal, will this replace the need for online enrolment forms? 

Not entirely. The initial aim is to provide additional tools to help support capturing the details for enrolments to make the enrolment process itself simpler. Once we’ve done that, we’re planning to create new ways of enrolling that leverage these systems.

We need to give individual feedback to learners, for example for quiz questions. Is aXcelerate looking at AI to generate feedback for students in that capacity?

Yes, speeding up the time it takes to mark Assessments is one of our key focus areas for AI.

Will the option of AI 'customer service' be available to students to help take troubleshooting issues from admins e.g. module not clearing etc?

Yes, any sort of ‘Virtual Tutor’ we look at would ideally also be able to handle administrative issues or questions.

Does aXcelerate support CSS?

Yes for templates, which can include <style> tags. Other areas such as Assessments only support inline styles.

Are there any plans to update course pages to make it easy to use search-friendly URLs and page content that are to be crawled by search engines?

Not in the near term. Learner Onboarding is the first of several steps to improving the Public Enrolment features that we offer, but we would definitely consider searchability when planning a WordPress plugin alternative.

Are there plans to add options to delete, modify and cancel Agreements? Accurate monitoring is hard to keep track of.

Yes, we have a number of Agreement improvements in-progress and planned that should help address this.

Is it possible for the top menu in assessment management to stay fixed at the top of the screen while scrolling, eliminating the need to repeatedly scroll back up?

We’re aware of this issue and that it makes authoring very difficult. We have authoring improvements planned for early 2024. As part of these, we would look to address this problem.

Sometimes assessments in the Learner App appear differently from browser-based assessments.

We always try to keep the Learner App in sync with browser-based versions of aXcelerate. If you notice any discrepancies, please raise a ticket with our Support team and we’ll look to address them.

Does aXcelerate have bilingual capabilities?

aXcelerate doesn’t currently support other languages, but we would be interested in understanding your use case.

Is there any plan to update the survey feedback into a report format for better analysis?

This is something we hope to work on in 2024.

Can the Learner App include a login feature, such as a PIN or biometric authentication, to help learners who frequently forget their login details?

We will investigate the difficulty of implementing this.

What are you most excited about for 2024?

In 2024, we’re excited to continue delivering client-focused, innovative solutions that add value to your business. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering as we explore new avenues for growth, harness cutting-edge technologies, and tailor our services to meet the evolving needs of our valued clients. Thank you for your continued support, and we anticipate another year of shared achievements and milestones.

As a reminder, we’re always on the lookout for suggestions on our Ideas Forum. This is one of the best places to share your ideas for improving aXcelerate directly with the aXcelerate team.