Our new Learner Portal is now fully released.

July 8, 2020

Our new Learner Portal has been thoroughly tested and is ready to leave the beta nest, free to roam amongst all clients. For the people who were a part of the beta, we thank you very much for your feedback. You played a big hand in improving the experience for all users. Currently, we have more than 60% of our clients using the new portal, so if you're not, you're missing out.

For the moment, both the old and new learner portal can be used in conjunction, however, as of March 31 2021, the “old learner portal” will no longer be supported and all clients will be switched over to the new portal.

If you would like to activate the new Learner Portal earlier, you can do so from the Learner Portal tab in your System Settings. Once activated, all logins and links to the old portal will be redirected to the new portal.

For more information on the Learner Portal, check out our Student eXperience page or take a look at our Learner Portal help article.

If you need help switching over earlier, or are looking for support on the new Learner Portal, please contact our Support Team.

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