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New aXcelerate feature releases from April and May

June 3, 2022

Did you know 💡 In line with our commitment to continuously improving the aXcelerate system, we publish new product releases every two weeks. Let's unpack some of the most significant updates from our recent Release Notes, so you can stay up to date with how your team can make the most of the system.

Additional Class Trainers

Classes now support Additional Trainers. You can assign multiple Trainers to a Class which will determine which Trainer Users can access it. This will help provide more flexibility for which users have access to particular classes within the system. This was a modification of the existing Assessors field that was available for accounts using Online Assessments. All Additional Trainers, as well as the Default Trainer, will be added as Assessors for any Online Assessments linked to the Class.


Academic Transcript improvements

Learner’s can now access their Academic Transcript directly through their Learner Portal, making it easy for them to view a summary of what they’ve achieved during their learning experience. We’ve also updated the styles and added support for E-Learning & Assessment results to make the Transcript more comprehensive, visually appealing, and easier to access.


Comments for more clarity with Workshop bookings 

We have added the ability to view comments for tentative bookings with ‘unknown’ details. Comments can be viewed by hovering over the Comment icon shown next to the bookings of this type.


‘Invoice Due Date offset’ is now available at the Organisation level

A new field has been added to the 'Organisation Update' page allowing you to set an ‘Invoice Due Date offset’ for an organisation. If an invoice is assigned to a contact belonging to a particular organisation, the date offset will be the value set against that organisation. If no due date offset has been applied to that organisation, then the default system setting is used.

Online Assessment Previewing Improvements

Based on feedback from our Ideas Forum, we’ve made Online Assessments able to be previewed directly from the Assessment Management page. This makes it possible for users who don't have access to manage Assessments to still view Assessment content.

Work-Based Learning Logbook Activity View Export

When viewing a Logbook in the Work-Based Learning area, you are now able to export Logbook evidence with the information grouped by Activity. The export was previously only available when grouping the Logbook by Entries. The evidence for each Activity can also be individually exported or filtered by Activity Type. This provides more flexibility to the way logbook evidence can be utilised.
Please note that this feature is only available for aXcelerate Turbo clients. To learn more and enquire about Work-Based Learning, visit: https://www.axcelerate.com.au/work-based-learning-open-beta.

Update Workshops directly from the Calendar

Workshops can now be updated directly through the Calendar. Click on a Workshop from the Calendar to open a popup to modify the details of the Workshop. This means that Workshops can now both be created and edited directly from the Calendar without opening a new page. We’re also working on adding support for editing complex date sessions directly from the calendar in a future release.

For our full list of improvements to aXcelerate, visit our official release notes here.

Want to learn about our May releases in just a minute? Check out our Product Update video below: 

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