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New aXcelerate feature releases in February and March

February 24, 2022

We've had a busy start to the year, with many new improvements and features underway. Here's just some of the releases from February and March.

Workshop Attendance Signatures – now digital!

Make chasing paper attendance signatures a thing of the past. Learners are now able to provide a digital signature via the Learner App to mark their attendance. The signature will then appear in the workshop attendance-marking area for Admins and Trainers to view. 

Admins and Trainers will also be able to digitally sign-off on attendance for a particular day and record this against the workshop attendance. This feature is enabled by turning on 'Attendance Signatures' in the Additional Options tab of your system settings.


Learner Portal Attendance Signatures

Learners are now able to sign their attendance records against workshop sessions with complex dates in the Learner Portal. This signature will then appear in the workshop attendance-marking area for Admins and Trainers to view and provide their own signature. This feature is enabled by turning on 'Attendance Signatures' in the Additional Options tab of your system settings.


Contact View page

Some visual changes have been made to the inactive trainer notice on the Contact View page. The option to reactivate a trainer is also now available from this page. 


Virtual Classroom display

Different time zones don’t have to be confusing when training online. We have improved the display of Virtual Classrooms times in the Learner Portal to match the times to the Learner’s timezone in relation to Account Time Zone. This will allow the link to show at the correct time for users that live in a different time zone that need to join a Virtual Classroom. This change affects the Calendar event preview popup, Course overview page, and Workshop details page.

In-house Workshop Invoice Template Improvements

A new template link has been added to in-house workshops next to each invoice. This lets users create templates that have access to both workshop-related and invoice-related fields together to allow for more complex templates to be created. This also means that invoice templates can be issued which include the list of Workshop participants as well as the appropriate financial information.


Work-Based Learning in the Trainer Portal

Placements are now accessible via the Trainer Portal for Trainer users who have been given Placement user permissions in accounts where the Work-Based Learning feature is enabled. Trainers with access will be able to view this area from the Courses menu with the list of Placements being filtered down to those that the Trainer has been assigned to by default. 


Work-Based Learning Placement Cards

The Placement Cards that appear in the Primary list of Placements of the Work-based Learning area have been updated. The icons now include a status icon to indicate whether the Placement is “In Progress”, “Completed” or “Cancelled”. There is also a number badge indicating the number of pending logbook entries available.

Ezypay integration

Our Ezypay integration now supports editing in-progress Subscriptions by clicking the edit icon next to the Subscription on the Finance Overview page of a Contact. Currently, the Accounting Code and Billing Amount of a Subscription is able to be changed, and we will add support for other fields as the Ezypay platform makes them available to update.

Contact View page

Some visual updates have been made to the Contact View page. These changes should make the independent scrolling between the two main sections be more consistent. The Contact Message can now also be edited by clicking directly on the message container. Contact Categories have also been moved into the Other Information section.


Unit statuses in the Learner Portal

We have added “Credit Transfer” and “Superseded” unit statuses to the Learner Portal.


See all of our new features, improvements and fixes at our Release Notes here

P.S. Keep an eye out for our Google Calendar Integration – coming very soon! 

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