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Meet our new team members who have joined us in February and March

February 24, 2022

Our team has been growing steadily here at aXcelerate, and we have some new aXcelerators to introduce you to. Our new team members will be joining us to support you in our Development Team, creating new features and improvements to the system, and in our Customer Success Team, providing technical support over the phone or online. Our team is also gaining a wealth of expertise in our Finance Team, alongside a lot of HEART in our Human Success Team. 

A warm welcome to…

Dani Lukic – Human Success Manager
Shane Warner – Company Accountant
Izaac Gibson – Customer Success Representative
Luke Williamson – Customer Success Representative
Cameron Goodchild – Customer Success Representative
Patrick Pidcock – Customer Success Representative
Madi Toms – Customer Success Representative 
Roland Winter – Senior Developer
Sanket Khot – Software Developer
Josh Cannons – DevOps Engineer

5 questions with our new Human Success Manager Dani Lukic

  1. What do you do at aXcelerate?
    In the role of the Human Success Manager, I lead the Human Success strategy. I am responsible for the operational and strategic delivery of HS services with the aim of supporting and nurturing talent within the company. I work with managers and team members, to identify, develop and implement solutions across a range of HS functions, implement key change management strategies and services to maximise talent and business performance. 
  2. What credentials/past experience qualify you for your position?
    I have postgraduate qualifications and 10 years of experience in delivery of a full range of human resource services. This extensive experience has been in positively impacting organisational performance through leading end-to-end delivery of people solutions – strategic in a partnering approach whilst maintaining hands-on delivery and implementation. I have had exposure to a broad range of business challenges and have been successful in delivering tailored, commercially sound, HR/business solutions for organisations large and small.
  3. What makes you so passionate about Human Success?
    My passion lies in the areas of organisational development, change and project management, developing the employee value proposition, driving employee engagement strategies, culture development and partnering with key stakeholders to develop the skills and effective strategies required to deliver optimal business results.
  4. What is one fun fact about yourself?
    In addition to genuine interest in human and organisational behaviour, I also like languages. Most recently, I started learning basic Greek. 
  5. What are you most excited about in 2022 at aXcelerate?
    This is an exciting time to be at aXcelerate. 2022 brings opportunities for development and growth, and I look forward to supporting our teams on that journey. 

5 questions with our new Company Accountant Shane Warner 

  1. What do you do at aXcelerate?
    Company Accountant. So, I handle all the fun accounting stuff. 
  2. What credentials/past experience qualify you for your position?
    I am a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years experience working in a variety of industries. I have worked around the world, including Canada and Europe and New Zealand. 
  3. What is your favourite quote?
    "A wise man learns from his mistakes, a fool repeats them."
  4. What is one fun fact about yourself?
    Back in 2007 I completed the London Marathon. I was a lot younger then, but it still remains one of my biggest achievements.
  5. What are you most excited about in 2022 at aXcelerate?
    aXcelerate has grown significantly in the past few years and I am excited to be part of that continuing journey. I have really enjoyed my first three weeks and look forward to getting to better know the business and people. 
Dani and Shane

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