LTI Functionality

June 21, 2021

The Learning Tools Interoperability (also known as LTI) is now available in the aXcelerate Learning Management System! LTI allows you to easily connect several external tools (e.g. a textbook or learning resource) from a range of third-party suppliers (examples may include Cengage, Catapult and Readcloud). 

Once you have added your LTI resources to your aXcelerate LMS, students will not need to visit an external portal and manage multiple login credentials to access these resources. Instead, students will be able to access all of their learning and assessment in one single portal, improving their overall learning experience.

Simply add the LTI resources to your Resource Library and these resources will then be available to add as elements to your learning plans. 

In future releases, we will be improving on our LTI functionality to support eLearning information returning from the LTI tool (completions, results etc.)

For more information on how to set up LTI Resources, click here

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