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aXcelerate’s vision for 2022 – a New Year's message from our CEO Dave

November 26, 2021

Welcome to 2022!

We hope you enjoyed the festive season and return rested and ready for a big 2022! I know our team here at aXcelerate were very grateful for the break after such a bumper and busy 2021 and we are now all back and excited for the potential of another big year.

Predicting how 2022 will play out is really hard, in light of our rather persistent and unwanted companion – COVID-19, but I wanted to share our thoughts and vision for 2022.

First and foremost, our hope is that this year is about bringing people back together and discovering the new world, living alongside COVID. The pandemic hit everyone hard, but it also forced our industry to adapt to change quicker than we all thought possible. Many training businesses moved to online learning, almost overnight, and whilst face to face training will always be valuable, online training is here to stay for most and gives us all a wider market to attract and re-skill. For businesses like aXcelerate, this has created opportunity and challenge as we scale our LMS to the ever growing demands.

2022 hopefully also signals the return of international students, creating more opportunities for all of us and filling more critical jobs in our economy.

And with an election in the not too distant future, we can be sure this year is also about investment in our skills based economy, no matter the victor. We are hopeful that this investment fuels the continued resurgence of our industry and the broader Australian economy as together we help Australians re-skilling themselves for new opportunities in the years ahead.

We are forecasting to grow by around 50% this year, with both more clients and bigger clients. We have lots of exciting product innovations and completely new services to reveal this year.  As always, we don't seek to be first in market with new features, but rather to be best at each thing we do, designing it for today's needs and tomorrow's wishes.

Work-based Learning is our first major release candidate for this year as our solution to the antiquated log book, but offering so much more for the tracking and maximising of student placements in every industry. This will be followed by our our Learner Messaging solution, as an integrated and real time chat between student and teacher. Creating engagement with the student and giving a better student experience. And there are many more large scale developments already well in progress, due to launch throughout the year.  

Despite our growth, our primary focus remains our existing and loyal client base. We are fortunate to have so many long term clients of all shapes and sizes and know that our number one focus every day is exceeding your expectations in everything we do. Our primary goal for this year is to increase our client retention and overall satisfaction levels. This can be tough with so much variability in our world right now, and we perhaps won't get everything right every time, but in every case we will act with Honesty Empathy Acceptance Respect and Trust (H.E.A.R.T). As CEO, I am extremely proud of our service, but more so our team. We are here to help, to listen and support.  

Thank you for your support over the years. We wish you every success in 2022 and hope we play our part in making your business stronger.

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