Learning Management System (LMS) Essentials

Critical features you need in an LMS

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What is an LMS?

The ideal learning management system allows a training organisation to deliver educational courses effectively, giving students and trainers access to classes, learning materials, assessments, progress, certificates and more. Though it has similar features to a student management system, it’s scope is limited to the learning processes, and doesn’t usually include features such as compliance reporting, workflow automation, or finance.

What are the essential features of an LMS?

Student management is complicated, requiring a comprehensive system to cover everything. We've listed the critical features of an LMS below, which you can use to determine whether an LMS is worth investing in.

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Courses and Accreditation

  • See student progress for a course, at a glance
  • Set up and manage training courses that meet nationally recognised standards
  • Track learner attendance, assessment and completion of units
  • Give assessors access to submitted assessments, for marking
  • Create professional, branded certificates for your students to donwload
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  • Upload and deploy SCORM/xAPI-compliant eLearning content from tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate or iSpring
  • Integrate eLearning deployed on other LMS's such as Moodle or Canvas
  • Author and deliver engaging online assessments, quizzes or practical observation checklists
  • Link eLearning to qualification units
  • Display course results for students
  • Report on eLearning course initiation, time spent and outcomes
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  • Students can complete online assessments, with instant results
  • Create a range of assessment modes, such as observation checklists, online quizzes, short answer, marking criteria or RPL evidence
  • Assessors can conduct and mark assessments, write outcomes, provide students with feedback, and apply their electronic signature to authenticate the assessment
  • Assessors can also capture photo and video evidence and upload against specific assessment criteria
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  • Show all qualifications and courses on your website, and manage them easily in your student management system
  • Allow students to browse courses on your website, enrol, or make enquiries. Configure the enrolment form to make the process as easy as possible for users
  • Define mandatory enrolment fields, and allow document uploads such as identification, certificates, visa or passport information, and more
  • Take payment for enrolments, including direct debit payment plans
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Calendar and Scheduling

  • Create calendar appointments for events, courses, or anything else you need
  • View upcoming events, courses, assets and more
  • Filter events by course type, location, user type (e.g. trainer), training category, coordination type, room, equipment
  • Notify attendees of new events
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CRM (Client Relationship Management)

  • Full management of user profiles for students
  • Send branded templates to students, such as registration letters, welcome letters, offer letters, course completion, progress or attendance reports, course withdrawal, refunds, and more.
  • Send bulk emails or SMSs to students
  • Automated SMS reminders for students with pending or overdue assessments
aXcelerate CRM LMS

Resource Management

  • Version-controlled document management
  • Cloud-based document management, accessible from anywhere
  • Store training documents, policies, web links, or whatever else you need
  • Create document categories, to keep things tidy
  • Set review dates for documents, and have the student management system remind you before the date
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