Competency based assessment essentials

What’s a competency based assessment? And how do I create, manage, and deliver one?

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what is a competency based assessment

What is a competency based assessment?

A competency based assessment is a way to measure competency for a vocational skill. To prove their competency, the learner must demonstrate an ability to work through specific units of competency set by ASQA, which are designed to meet the needs of industry.

How can I create a competency based assessment?

You’ll need an SMS with the right features, notably

  • A “create online assessment” tool or “assessment authoring software” that allows you to create an assessment, and deliver it online
  • An assessment mapping matrix that allows you to map ASQA’s training components to assessments. With an assessment mapping tool, you don’t need a competency assessment checklist
  • A selection of competency based assessment methods, including observation checklists, online quizzes, short answers, marking criteria or RPL evidence
  • A selection of grading methods, ranging from numerical scoring, custom grading scales, percentages, and customisable marking rubrics
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How to deliver a competency based learning assessment?

To provide the best online assessments for students, you’ll need the following:

  • Give them easy access to their assessments, whether on a desktop computer, laptop, iPad or mobile (iOS or Android through an assess app)
  • Ensure the design is easy to use, so that it doesn’t get in the way of the assessment itself
  • Give your students access to their results and feedback. Allow them to review their course progress.
  • Allow students to upload evidence for RPL assessments
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competency based assessment management

How should trainers manage a competency based assessment?

To manage a competency assessment, a trainer will need student assessment software that allows them to:

  • View their calendar schedule, and drill into events for more info
  • Conduct and mark assessments with ease, including bulk marking
  • Use a feature that works as student assessment tracking software, showing all students for a course, and their progress
  • Check course notes, get directions to course locations
  • Capture student attendance
  • Apply their electronic signature to authenticate the assessment
  • Capture photo and video evidence, and upload against specific assessment criteria


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