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The 5 Coolest Learning Management System (LMS) Features

August 11, 2021

Many of us view Learning Management Systems (LMS) as something nice to have – a good tool for engaging online training. But we can sometimes forget that LMSs are actually really cool! From engaging learners to making training easier, here are our top 5 coolest LMS features for your RTO. 

1. Engage your learners with course content and assessment 

A good LMS will allow you to create course content that is not only professional, structured and intuitive, but also allows for content that brings key learnings closer to the learner. With course content that’s engaging for both trainers and learners, meeting learning objectives becomes easier to achieve. RTOs can also see a learner’s progression through course content at a glance, allowing trainers to take action on managing progression with timeliness and accuracy. We think it's pretty cool that trainers can use these LMS tools to create and foster better relationships with their learners. 

aXcelerate online Course Content
Course Content in aXcelerate

Similarly, beautifully-designed, engaging assessments can help to drive learner progress. Creating an amazing online assessment in an LMS can be both simple and highly effective. In your LMS, simply start by choosing the required assessment type (such as observation checklist, online quiz, short answer, marking criteria, or RPL evidence). Create your beautiful assessment, with different question types (including content, single and multiple choice, short answer, ordering, matching lists, hot spot, gap text and file upload), and publish. Your learners can then complete the assessment with instant results, assessors can mark and apply their digital signatures, and upload photo and video evidence against specific assessment criteria. This efficient form of feedback means the assessment process doesn’t become delayed, and learners can know as soon as possible where they need to improve. 

aXcelerate Online Assessments
Online Assessment in aXcelerate

Simple and systematic assessment mapping will support assessment creation. You should be able to view the full assessment question content against relevant Unit criteria, which will help to create mapping relationships. 

aXcelerate assessment mapping
Assessment mapping in aXcelerate

2. Elevate the learner experience with Integrated eLearning

Integrations with your LMS can be powerful for elevating the learner experience. Our choice of integrated eLearning is SCORM/xAPI-compliant eLearning, including content from tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate or iSpring. Your LMS should allow you to upload and deploy this content, link eLearning to qualification units, display course results for learners and report on eLearning course initiation, time spent and outcomes. This is cool because the systems and content you’ve already developed can be simply linked and used in your LMS.

3. Guide the learning journey with Learning Plans

Ever wanted to control how your learners move through content and assessment so you could ensure they’re staying on track? Learning Plans is the answer! Learning Plans help guide the learning journey by allowing you to set up rules, dependencies and prerequisites for learning and assessment throughout each learning module. This creates a combination of self-driven and schedule-based progression. If you’re a trainer, you’ll know that having well structured and current, engaging resources that cater to a range of learning styles is likely to improve learner engagement and completion rates. Learning Plans give RTOs the opportunity to deliver this. 

aXcelerate Learning Plans
aXcelerate Learning Plans

4. Enrol more learners with online enrolments

All these online content and assessment capabilities need to be supported with online enrolments. With your RTO’s website only a Google search away from a prospective learner, your RTO has the opportunity to capture essential data and enrol these learners online, seamlessly. Check out some essential tips for leveraging your RTO’s website here

Bonus coolness: an advanced LMS will integrate with your Student Management System (SMS) to have consistent learner records and prevent duplicate info.

aXcelerate Online Enrolments
aXcelerate Online Enrolments

5. Transform work placements with digital work-based learning

We all know paper-based systems have fast been going out of style – across all industries. In VET, training organisations everywhere are switching to work-based learning (WBL) with online capabilities, leaving behind the stress caused by lost documentation and forgotten paperwork. A mobile WBL app allows learners to use their own device to capture critical work placement evidence, including photo/video evidence and digital signatures, while staying compliant. Our mobile app can be used online and offline to create log entries, creating an easy and streamlined experience for learners. These days, learners expect digital capabilities from their training providers, which is why we think a WBL app that goes above and beyond those expectations is pretty cool.

aXcelerate's Work-Based Learning mobile app
aXcelerate Work-Based Learning app

aXcelerate is Australia’s number 1 cloud-based Student Management System. We started as an RTO, so we know what’s best for RTOs. 

Through many changes over the last 30 years in the VET sector, we’ve helped over 900 RTOs thrive with aXcelerate’s One System SMS/LMS solution. 

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