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Why your SMS should also be an LMS

October 19, 2020

If you're starting a registered training organisation or just want to have the capability to conduct training and eLearning within your business, you may be considering a Student Management System or a Learning Management System. The thing is, a decisive decision between the two can be difficult when considering all the pros and cons of each in relation to your current business set up.

The need to move training capabilities online and create a frictionless, easy to access/conduct training program is becoming standard. So, more often than not, people will need both systems to manage their training organisation and deliver learning. Having both creates an entire student journey, from enrolment to completion, that you should be able to conduct from anywhere (if your system isn’t on the cloud yet, you’re missing out.)

However, paying for these two systems can be extremely costly and sometimes time consuming, especially if the integration is clunky. Integration between your SMS and LMS should be smooth but we’ve found that’s not always the case. Integrating an external LMS can cause discrepancies and create double handling between two sets of data. Editing data in one of the systems can break data in the parallel system. This might make it hard to find and pinpoint errors in accounts. From this, contacting support may be confusing and sometimes costly when you can’t pinpoint an error. Who do you call? Two systems can also be confusing for students if they need to move between the two, for example their courses might be conducted in their LMS, but their policies and support docs might be within the SMS. These potential issues could be eliminated by having a one system solution.

What if we told you that you don’t have to make the split decision anymore or dig deep into your search engine to find the best SMS and LMS combination?

Because it’s becoming more difficult to have one of the systems without the other, one Student Management System provider is now developing their own Learning Management System to be baked into their SMS. This has the potential to save a lot of time and money for anyone considering both systems. For Student Management Systems, it makes sense for them to develop an LMS. They have all the administrative and reporting tools you need, meeting government compliance standards and legislation. Even if you don’t need the government reporting, having the Course Builder, Automation, Enrolments, CRM, Finance, Quality/Competency Matrix and Resources are extremely valuable features for any training organisation.

As training continues to adapt and the need to be flexible with your employees and learners continues, the demand for a more rounded system increases. As training organisations look more towards using both systems, the need for an LMS and SMS to be cohesive with one another becomes a key deciding factor. Combining the two is the logical next step for any SMS or LMS provider looking to grow in the VET sector and beyond.

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