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4 Ways to Leverage Your RTO’s Website

March 8, 2018

With around 5000 training providers in Australia, the RTO market is a competitive one. And when most learners rely on a web search to find information about training, it can’t be overestimated how important the role your website plays in enticing new learners to your organisation.

Here are four easy ways to leverage your current site:

Online Enrolment

With the rise of student management systems (SMS), enrolling and managing learners has become a relatively simple process with less need for clunky, paper-based systems to keep track of things.

Digitally enrolling and storing learner details is an obvious step up from the filing cabinets and manila folders of the past, but the next level of automation has yet to be utilised by much of the RTO industry within Australia.

Many SMSs in the market have extensive learner and course management features, among a plethora of other helpful tools. Online enrolment and the integration of these systems to your corporate site provides potential and existing learners with the ability to enrol themselves easily in any of your courses.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Learners and other visitors will naturally be on the lookout for information, news, and resources regarding their industry. Becoming a valuable source of information on topics surrounding your organisation’s training will naturally lead more visitors to your site, and subsequently bring more learners to your training offerings.

If your organisation has chosen a common CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, publishing blog posts and articles on your website is a straightforward task. 

There aren’t any more fancy plugins or frameworks required to start producing valuable, industry-related information for your existing and potential learners. Wordpress even details how to go about making posts for your site, so there’s no reason you can’t get started on becoming a trusted thought-leader in your industry.

Showcase Course Info and Schedules

When presenting your training offerings to site visitors, it’s crucial to provide sufficiently-detailed outlines without delivering too much circumstantial information. Detailed materials won’t be useful to learners until they’ve decided upon your course offering — save this for your course material documents.

Managing a course schedule is often a messy task for RTOs, and delivering it concisely to your website visitors is even more so. A calendar system integrated with your existing SMS can assist this process, allowing you to display already configured courses at their scheduled time with a familiar calendar interface.

Strut Your Stuff

Your website is your organisation’s shop front to the digital world; it should reflect the same standard of professionalism and competency as the training you deliver.

Quality design and presentation will elicit the assumption that a similar level of quality is present in your RTO’s service offering, and the opposite is true of a poorly presented website. It may be worth spending the extra dollars on your next website upgrade, evaluate what your competitors are doing, and make sure your site is up to par.

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