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11 VET Influencers You Should Follow

March 5, 2020

Social media is awash with people offering VET advice, making it difficult to decide who to connect with. That’s why we’ve done the work for you, and created this list of eleven VET influencers who have a good following, extensive experience in the industry, and regularly post high quality content that is valuable for anyone in the Australian VET sector. If want to stay informed, you should connect with and follow these people.

The list is ordered by number of followers, but each influencer is as valuable as the next.

Denise Meyerson

Denise Meyerson

Director of MCI 
28k followers — LinkedIn, Twitter

Denise is the founder and director of MCI, an award-winning education and learning provider. She’s been in corporate training for over 27 years, and has a range of skills including training, leadership and innovation.

Troy Williams

Troy Williams

8k followers — LinkedIn, Twitter

Troy is the CEO of ITECA, a peak body that brings together education experts to advocate positive change for the industry. He’s at the forefront of pushing positive change for the VET sector, and his skills include strategy, advocacy, and negotiation.

Lauren Hollows

VET Practitioner
6k followers — LinkedIn, Twitter

Lauren is a VET practitioner who wants to drive positive change in the sector. She’s been helping companies to grow, diversify and build quality for the last 9 years, and has a range of skills including coaching, auditing, and professional development. She's also a regular guest author for VET:eXpress, and has written some awesome articles for us.

Kerri Buttery

Director of VETNexus, and member of the VET Gurus
5k followers — LinkedIn, Twitter

Kerri is the director of VETNexus, a consultancy firm that offers help with compliance, RTO management, assessment, and more. She’s been working in training for over 20 years, and her skills include compliance, professional development, eLearning and Canvas LMS. She’s also a member of the VET Gurus—a team of VET experts who offer a range of valuable services for RTOs.

Scott Rogers

Director at TotalVET Training Resources
5k followers — LinkedIn, Twitter

Scott is the director of TotalVET Training Resources, a company that offers RTO materials and resources, consultancy, and more. He has 18 years experience in the VET sector, specialising in areas such as training delivery, instructional design, and leadership.

Raelene Bartlett

Director of RTO Doctor
4k followers — LinkedIn, Twitter

Raelene is the founding director of RTO Doctor, a consultancy firm that helps RTOs with registration, compliance, and more. She has 15 years experience in the VET sector, specialising in areas such as international education, AAT matters, and CRICOS.

Zmarak Zhouand

Principal lawyer at rto.legal
4k followers — LinkedIn

Zmarak is the principal lawyer at rto.legal, a law firm that specialises in VET compliance. He has 19 years of experience as a lawyer, and has a range of skills including corporate law, compliance, and CRICOS.

Vanessa McCarthy

Entrepreneur at Valid8ed
3k followers — LinkedIn

Vanessa is an entrepreneur who works for Valid8ed, an assessment review system for creating compliant assessments. She has 24 years experience in the VET sector, with skills including assessment validation, training delivery, and strategy.

Claire Field

Principal at Claire Field & Associates
3k followers — LinkedIn, Twitter

Claire the principal at Claire Field & Associates, which offers strategic support to training organisations. She has two decades of experience in the tertiary education sector, specialising in areas such as strategy, professional development, and leadership.

Tamara Simon

Business Improvement & Change Management Specialist at BSI
3k followers — LinkedIn, Twitter

Tamara is a change management specialist for BSI, a company that helps RTOs build simple and profitable businesses that they love. She has over 20 years of experience in the VET sector, with skills including professional development, strategy, and system design. She's also authored two books written specifically for RTOs.

Phill Bevan

Self Employed Advisor / Consultant
2k followersLinkedIn

Phill is a self-employed consultant who improves the capability of enterprise businesses. He’s worked in education for 19 years, and his skills include strategy, quality assurance, and performance management.

Phillip Rutherford

Phillip Rutherford

Self Employed Author & Lecturer
1k followers — LinkedIn

Phillip is an author and lecturer who has written nine books, on topics ranging from competency based assessment to project management. He has a whopping 45 years of experience in education, specialising in VET system development, strategy, and competency based training. Though he doesn’t have many followers (yet), he regularly posts fantastic content that is worth reading. He also wins the contest for coolest profile pic.

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