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What are Learning Plans and how can they help your RTO?

March 5, 2021

You may have heard the term ‘learning plans’ buzzing around recently. If one happened to walk into the aXcelerate office, this buzz would intensify until you’d wonder, what are learning plans? Why is everyone talking so much about them? What do they have to do with my RTO and our learners? And why is the aXcelerate team so cool? Well, you might not think that last one, but we’re sure we can convince you that Learning Plans are not only cool, but also highly beneficial for your training organisation and your learners.

So, what are Learning Plans?

Essentially, Learning Plans allow trainers and assessors to schedule, order and present online course content and assessments in easy-to-navigate learning modules. Throughout each learning module, rules, dependencies and prerequisites for learning and assessment can be set and mapped to Units. Having a Learning Plans tool can also allow for keeping learning and assessments in sync with key Unit and Course dates, making it easier for learners to stay on track through a combination of self-driven and schedule-based progression.

As we like to say at aXcelerate, Learning Plans is as easy as:

Author your content

Build your learning plan

Control the flow of your students’ learning.

An example of a Learning Plan in the aXcelerate Learning Management System

For trainers

If the effects of the pandemic were any indication of how the VET industry is changing, the future of learning is digital–with upward trends towards a preference for both online and blended learning. This means that the face of effective learner engagement is changing. Trainers need to find new ways to engage their learners in an online learning environment, and this starts in the foundations of planning for learning. Learning Plans are a great tool for creating engaging and effective lessons, with the ability to add personalised creative touches whilst staying compliant and ensuring learners become competent.

For assessors

In a similar way that Learning Plans help trainers with lessons, they can help assessors create beautiful online assessments. Let’s be real here–not many learners look forward to doing assessment. However, it can make a huge difference for a learner when an assessment is visually presented clearly and concisely, with good consideration of design, user experience and content structure. Having effective online assessment is an integral part of improving the student experience, and learning plans are the key to unlocking this.

Additionally, we all know assessment mapping can be a laborious task. Mapping is important for checking that your assessments cover the requirements of the unit and also that you are not over-assessing or assessing things not required. Learning Plans perfectly complement the mapping and compliance process, with supporting features such as:

  • The ability to set up rules and dependencies for learning and assessment
  • The ability to keep learning and assessments in sync with key unit and course dates
  • Grouping modules of learning and assessment around related competencies or at the individual competency level
A diagram showing the different sections of a Learning Plan in the aXcelerate Learning Management System

For learners

The benefits for trainers and assessors lead directly back into improving the learning experience. With a combination of self-driven learning and schedule-based progression, learners are likely to be more engaged, and find their lessons and assessment clearer. A good Learning Plans feature will also display the learner’s full Learning Plan under their course overview, helping to support learners’ expectations and preparation for the course.

What do trainers think?

Learning Plans give trainers the opportunity to improve the quality of their training. An NCVER study[1] found that trainers thought having well structured and current, engaging resources that cater to a range of learning styles could improve learner engagement and completion rates. Learning plans can be highly beneficial for training organisations to implement to achieve this quality of training.

Want to know more about how your training organisation can benefit from using Learning Plans? Learn more here, or request a demo today.


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