TCSI Integration Update

October 22, 2019

TCSI is fast approaching, and we’ve got you covered with our upcoming integration. Development of this feature is on schedule, with initial updates released next month, and more to follow.

The following sections will be TCSI compliant, including new and edited fields. We’ll explain the fields in more detail when the integration is released.


  • Citizenship Resident Code (E358)
  • Disability Code (E615)


  • Standard Course Duration (E596)
  • Effective From Date (E609)
  • Effective To Date (E610)

Delivery location

  • New Delivery Location elements (E625, E660, E678, E630, E627)
  • Effective From Date (E609)
  • Effective To Date (E610)

Unit of study

  • Unit of Study Year Long Indicator (E622)

Unit of study enrolment

  • Remission Reason Code (E446)


  • Basis for Admission Code (E327)
  • Highest Attainment Code (E620)
  • Course Assurance Indicator (E619)
  • Unit of Study Commencement Date (E600)
  • Unit of Study Outcome Date (E601)

Next, we’ll be tackling TCSI updates for units of study, followed by notifications, student entitlements, and the necessary UI for managing all of this information. Everything you need for TCSI will be included in our completed integration.

What do I need to do?

Most TCSI fields for 2020 will carry over from 2019, but there are a few new fields. After we release in November, and include more information for each new and edited field, look over fields and flag anything that needs to be updated.

If you haven't already done so, you will need to register your organisation in PRODA to access TCSI. For more information, see the “Transition” tab on the TCSI resources page.

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