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Your guide to fees & funding for international training providers in 2022

December 2, 2021

The Australian Government has just released the Australian Strategy for International Education 2021-2030 and announced key initiatives supporting its implementation.

The strategy identifies four priorities for the next decade in the Australian international education sector:

  • Diversification
  • Alignment with Australia’s workforce and skills needs
  • Students at the centre
  • Growth and competitiveness.

To support these priorities, and to support training providers as COVID-19 continues to cause challenges and uncertainty, the Government has committed a further $27.8 million to give education providers fee relief from regulatory charging. 

Here’s a quick guide of the key funding information you should know about for international education providers in 2022. 

✈️ CRICOS and other ASQA fees

The department’s revised CRICOS charges have been waived for 12 months and will resume from 1 January 2023. Additionally, the majority of ASQA’s fees and charges for RTOs and CRICOS providers have been waived for six months and will resume from 1 July 2022.


ASQA’s charging arrangements for standalone ELICOS providers will resume on 1 January 2023, providing 12 months fee relief to these providers reliant solely on international student enrolments.

✈️ ELICOS Innovation Development Fund

The Government has committed $9.4 million for the Innovation Development Fund to provide short-term targeted support to private ELICOS providers (building on the Innovation Fund announced in April 2021). This aims to help these providers diversify their education offerings into online and offshore delivery. This new program will begin in January 2022 and provide targeted funding for six months.

Eligible providers will be able to apply for grant funding of up to $150,000 to invest in infrastructure, staff expertise, marketing and promotion of education services, service delivery costs, and to fund the design of curriculums and innovative digital teaching solutions for online and offshore delivery.

Guidelines for the fund, which will set out further details on eligibility criteria for providers, are under development. New applicants that did not receive funding under the Innovation Fund, and who submit strong applications will be given priority. However, all providers who meet the eligibility criteria will be able to apply for grant funding.

✈️ TPS Levy and TEQSA

The international TPS Levy will be waived for 2022 and will resume in 2023. TEQSA’s charges have also been waived for a further 12 months and will resume from 1 January 2023.

Now is the time to go digital 

The Government’s international education strategy for the next ten years leans strongly towards online learning and digital platforms. We know if you’re a CRICOS provider, you’re probably feeling pretty exhausted from the uncertainty of the past couple of years, and the unpredictability of when international students will be able to come back to Australia. 

Right now, it’s opportune to take advantage of digital learning platforms to have a fresh start in 2022. International students expect high quality online education, and providers need to interweave innovative technology and pedagogy to be successful. 

Read more here: Australian Strategy for International Education 2021-2030


If you're looking for a new training system to support your online learning and student management, get in touch with us to chat about your goals for 2022 here.

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