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Work at an RTO? Here are 3 apps to keep you organised

November 19, 2018

It’s the one thing we all crave at work.

Whether you’re a trainer, a cleaner, blue-collar, or a CEO, we’re all chasing the same feeling.


It makes the day seem so much brighter and the work feel so much easier. If you think you could do with a bit more of this magical presence in your workplace, here are a few apps that will keep you RTO-rganised.

For Project Management - Asana

Asana is great for everything from tracking your RTO’s quality goals, managing the implementation of an elearning integration, or managing your validation schedule.

You can start by creating a project (for example, quality register):

Asana Dashboard Example

Every task can be assigned to a person and given a due date. You can set the columns for different areas of a project and then put tasks in each category to keep it nice and organised. Each task can be broken down into smaller subtasks and assigned to more team members:

Asana Marketing Strategy

A handy timeline view lets you see how tasks are spread out across a calendar, and you can also link tasks that are dependent on each other.

Asana Timeline Mode

Asana isn’t just for teams — anyone wanting to get a bit more organised can set up a project for themselves and fill it with tasks and schedules. The automated overdue reminders will keep you on track and you’ll never forget about a task ever again.

For Scheduling - An SMS Calendar

While options like Google Calendar and iCal are great for auto-creating events from your inbox and managing your personal schedule, anyone at an RTO needs something more VET-specific to really keep things organised.

Your student management system should come with the ideal RTO calendar that allows for more than just scheduling events. You should be able to schedule trainers, book assets and locations, check for timetable clashes, and filter on saved views.

aXcelerate Calendar Schedule
The aXcelerate calendar was intuitively designed for RTOs

For Communication - Slack

Every workplace needs a platform for online communication—and no, we’re not talking about email.

Slack is a chat app for web, mobile, and desktop. It brings your team’s conversations to one place while letting discussions be organised into different channels to keep the focus.

Slack Desktop and Mobile

The best part about Slack? It integrates with so many other services—including Asana.

Being organised is an easy way to make you more productive at work but can feel like an impossible state to achieve. By implementing a few apps at your RTO, you’ll be on your way to feeling in control of any task that comes your way.

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