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22 Hilarious Things Trainers Say About Virtual Classrooms

March 27, 2020

With virtual classrooms now being used across the country, we asked trainers about their experiences. Here are some of their best answers.

👨🏽 “Somehow, the silences are even more awkward than usual.”

👱🏻 “I like that I only have to tidy the small area behind the camera and nothing else."

👩🏻 “It’s embarrassing because my apartment looks like a dingy batcave.”

👴🏼 “The other day my students replaced themselves with their pets and it was the best time I’ve had in years.”

👨🏽 “I decided to give a lesson outside by our swimming pool, and a magpie took exception to my teaching.”

👨🏿 "Beware of angled background mirrors, they reveal many horrors.”

👩🏻 “Last week there were two boys in my class called Hugo who were ‘accidentally’ interrupting each other and saying ‘you go, Hugo.’”

👨🏼 “I’m extremely familiar with the insides of my students’ nostrils.”

👨🏻 “Have you ever heard the sound of three whippersnippers, a washing machine, and a blender at the same time? I have.”

👱🏻 "I like it when the connection slows and the students start to sound like a 90’s techno track.”

👩🏽 “I never thought I’d have to say that shirts were mandatory during lessons.”

👨🏻 “If I have to say ‘mute your microphone’ one more time I’m going to explode.”

👱🏻 “More than a few students have asked what was wrong with my hair.”

👩🏻 “The other day my 9-year old burst into the room and said ‘mom my guinea pig sneezed and I think it has coronavirus.’”

👩🏼 “One guy had a bookcase full of books about serial killers and I’m a little scared.”

👩🏻 “Earlier today my cat jumped onto the kitchen bench, threw up, looked directly into the camera and then left.”

👱🏼 “Last week a student ate a full rack of pork ribs. It was like he hadn’t eaten in days.”

👨🏽 “Usually I’d ask students to turn their TVs off in the background, but the other day I got to watch the first half of A Clockwork Orange.”

👨🏻 “In no timeline in any universe will a virtual high five ever be cool.”

👩🏾 “One of my students goes into a cupboard for every one of her classes.””

👱🏻 “A student insists on playing death metal when arriving, and my beagle doesn’t appreciate it.”

👨🏻 “I’ve seen things that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.”

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