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Top 5 AVETMISS Errors and How to Solve Them

January 16, 2018

It’s that time of year again — time to collect, store, validate, identify, and fix errors before exporting your RTO data to NCVER. Often the most frustrating steps can be identifying and fixing errors, and even the most highly trained administrator can succumb to validation errors.

Winter may have gone but AVETMISS reporting is here. To ease your concerns and support you in the upcoming weeks, we’ve collated a list of the top 5 common AVETMISS reporting errors and their solutions.

1. Funding source — national: Unable to submit error free data

To bypass this error, exclude all state-managed training via your Student Management System before uploading and validating your data, ensuring you’re only submitting your Fee-For-Service (FFS) to NCVER.

There are two ways to go about this:

1. Prepare two separate submissions — submit your state managed data to your State Training Authority (STA), and your FFS training data to NCVER.


2. Create a combined submission for your STA (unfortunately this option is not valid for RTOs based in WA, NSW or QLD).

2. Error 3251

This error occurs when Activity End Date is set to a date after the Collection Year End Date. To resolve this issue, select Outcome Identifier-National which is represented by the number 70.

3. Invalid USI format error

To circumvent an invalid USI format error, verify all USIs prior to reporting here.

If you’re still receiving an error, check the following:

  • All USI letters are in uppercase
  • The student’s details are the same as the ones on their form of ID
  • Confirm that a USI hasn’t already been created for the student by another RTO or by themselves . Ask the student to check their emails for a notification regarding their USI — if they don’t have a notification, ask them to go to www.usi.gov.au and select the “Forgotten USI or Forgotten password” link to restore their USI
  • If the student is an international offshore student, enter ‘INTOFF’ in place of USI and ensure the postcode is set to ‘OSPC’

4. NAT00030 Program name error

This error occurs when the program name in your AVETMISS data for Program Identifier does not match the program name listed on training.gov.au. Make sure the program name in your NAT00030 file is identical to the program name listed on www.training.gov.au.

5. NAT00060 Subject Name and NAT00120 Subject Identifier error

As with the error above, subject name in NAT00060 files and subject identifier in NAT00120 files must be identical to the data listed on TGA. Begin by searching your program on here and use the subject name and subject identifier outlined.

Further support

Remember, there’s always support available through NCVER.

Phone: 08 8230 8400

Toll-free phone: 1800 649 452

Or submit a request here.

Good luck!

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