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The TAE Training Package isn't addressing the needs of the VET sector

July 5, 2021

The Education Industry Reference Committee (IRC) has found core structural issues in the existing qualifications and units of competency of the TAE Training Package. And, with the additional impacts of COVID-19, including more demand for online training and assessment, plus an increased focus on compliance, the TAE Training Package has been found to be both not fit for purpose and not fully addressing the needs of the VET sector. With the TAE Training Package being last reviewed in 2015 and uploaded in 2016, the 5 year gap has seen the training and assessment landscape change drastically.

What are the identified deficiencies of the TAE Training Package?

According to the Department of Education, Skills & Employment[1], the deficiencies are:

  • TAE units of competency do not deliver the variety, nor depth, of skills and knowledge that are relevant in a modern training and assessment environment.
  • The packaging rules of TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment do not provide adequate flexibility for learners pursuing the variety of training and assessment job roles that exist in the modern labour market.
  • The TAE Training Package does not make use of ‘stackable’ skill sets that allow for a “scaffolded” approach to skill development and attainment of qualifications.
    (‘Stacking’ skills is becoming increasingly popular in VET, as the National Skills Overview and IRC Skills Forecast identified adaptability and learning skills as top priority general skills required by industry). 
  • The TAE Training Package is not structured to support the range, and diversity of career pathways available to workers in the VET industry, meaning that existing qualifications (beyond TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment) are often underutilised.
  • The structure and content of the TAE Training Package does not address the skills gaps of those working in other education sub-sectors such as VET for Secondary Students or enterprise training.

How will improvements to the TAE Training Package be rolled out?

Changes have been set out in three phases:

  1. A holistic review of the TAE Training Package
  2. Create two new e-assessment units of competency and one new associated skill set. 1,008 providers have notified ASQA that they have been delivering training online instead of, or in addition to, face-to-face classes. Skills on using a variety of technologies has been a recommended inclusion, ensuring flexibility in the collection of valid and reliable evidence and judgement of competence. This also aims to ensure learners and their individual needs are adequately supported in an online assessment environment. 
  3. Make some non-endorsable changes to the TAE Training Package

Many are hoping the Training Package Developers and the Education IRC will engage directly with training providers and professionals who have been highlighting the issues with the current TAE Training Package since its release.

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  1. ITECA: TAE Qualification Changes Afoot

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