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The Rise of AIED - Artificial Intelligence in Education

August 7, 2018

AIED (artificial intelligence in education) is still a vague concept in the industry, and at present the scope of connotation and extension is not clear. Yiou Intelligence think tanks believe that AIED belongs to educational technology, and their 2018 research report shows how artificial intelligence technology is empowering the education industry.

With artificial intelligence’s assistance and its replacement of pre-existing education tools, AIED frees teachers and students from ineffective and repetitive work, improving the efficiency of teaching and learning. The move away from traditional education, which places teachers at the core, solves the problem of high-cost, low-efficiency frameworks. Yiou Intelligence’s report studies and analyses the substitution and assistance of artificial intelligence in three aspects: institutions, teachers, and students.

As far as current technological development is concerned, artificial intelligence takes machine learning and data mining as its core, and its technical scope sits at the two intersects.

Machine learning also includes many kinds of anti-learning, among which the most intense focus is deep learning. According to the classification of topological structure, deep learning can be divided into convolutional neural networks, cyclic neural networks, and fully-connected neural networks, and the deep learning process is realised through algorithm frameworks.

Based on the technology of machine learning and data mining, the three most common technical applications on the market—computer vision, intelligent speech technology, and natural language processing—are realised. In addition, the implementation of artificial intelligence technology depends on hardware support (processor chip, sensor components, etc.) and the storage and computing services provided by the cloud platform. As hardware and cloud platforms sit more in the infrastructure category, Yiou Intelligence’s study has not incorporated such suppliers into research discussions.

Although AIED is still a nascent concept, it’s beginning to replace pre-existing education tools and eliminate inefficient and repetitive tasks, changing the learning landscape. Yiou Intelligence’s report shows how artificial intelligence’s substitution of old techniques has made improvements for institutions, teachers, and their students.

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