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The most important features CRICOS providers need in a training management system

January 19, 2022

With on-and-off lockdowns, international travel restrictions and overall economic uncertainty, CRICOS training providers have had it especially rough these past couple of years. 

Having a good training management system is one important thing that has supported CRICOS providers through these challenging times. Here are some of the key features that every CRICOS RTO should have in their student management system (SMS) and learning management system (LMS). 

1. Online application and course management

During the online application process, students and agents need to complete required student information and upload key documents, such as passports and visas. Admins need to create payment plans with correct tuition fees and one-off payments for each enrolment. A good SMS will help this online application process run smoothly.

Having templates ready to go to manage your students throughout their learning journey with your organisation is important. A useful feature to have is editable pre-designed templates, including Letters of Offer, Confirmations of Enrolment and attendance or progress warning letters.

And, a good SMS should be able to support managing CRICOS and ELICOS rolling enrolments with ease.

2. Online learning and assessment

It’s important for CRICOS providers to have a compliant LMS, which will create versatility in providing both classroom-based and online learning, or blended learning. A good LMS will allow you to create and deliver beautifully-designed online learning and assessments.

With a good SMS and LMS (preferably in one system), you should be able to find, access and manage learning, assessments and resources that students need for their enrolled courses easily. Trainers should also be able to view student progression and attendance at a glance. 

3. Automated CRICOS compliance

Automation is one of the most powerful tools you can use for compliance. CRICOS compliance has layers of complexity, and automating tasks can reduce workload stress. You should be able to automate: 

  • sending warning emails to students below customised progress or attendance thresholds
  • sending SMS reminders to students with pending or overdue assessments
  • generating surveys for all completed students to maximise student engagement and compliance
  • sending notifications to students where key documents might be expiring, such as a visa
  • sending automated reminder emails to admins or key users for policy documents to review, quality assurance tasks to be completed or follow ups to be made 
  • sending scheduled reports to your trainers on student course and unit progression, fee status and attendance
  • generating business performance reports for your financial personnel
  • generating payment plan invoices to students upon due dates
  • ...and more.

4. Flexible reporting

A good training management system will let you create, customise and save reports on all areas of your business. You can then create dashboards with key reporting data and notifications trainers need to perform their role effectively. 

When it comes to compliance, your training management system should have an NCVER integration to assist with AVETMISS errors and warnings. 

It’s important to also have the ability to deliver agent sales reports directly to the inbox of your finance staff or external agents for commission tracking. 

And, generating compliant payments reports to upload to PRISMS should be a breeze.

5. Financial management

Your SMS should allow you to create customisable payment plans, or allow third party providers to manage your students’ payment plans. You should also be able to track and reconcile both manual, online and agent commission payments quickly and easily. Managing your students’ financial data all within one system is likely the most efficient way for your training organisation to manage finances. 

6. Agent Support

If you’re working with agents, having an Agent Portal is useful for allowing your agents to have access to self-service applications via their own portal. With their own report builder, agents can also track student progress and commission payments.

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