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RTO vs RTO: Outfox the competition by combining CX & UX

November 27, 2017

With new technologies, new legislation, and shrinking budgets, keeping up with the changing atmosphere of our educational environment can be an intimidating task.

Neil Selwyn, a futurist expert from the Faculty of Education at Monash University, predicts that in 5 years virtually simulated classrooms, robotic teachers, personalised technology, and the use of gestural interfaces may be commonplace in the education industry. And even currently, the biggestcompetitors in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) industry are run by state governments, who hold the funds to invest in these new technological changes (Munro-Smith, 2017).

This can make reducing the tech gap between institutions not only intimidating, but a necessity.

Never fear, VET:eXpress is here!

We can’t all predict the future like Neil Selwyn, however, we all have the potential to use what we have in front of us (student and staff knowledge) to create a technological online learning student experience which transcends robotic teachers- without neglecting knowledge integrity.

According to Nambisan & Nambisan (2008), user experience must meet the demands of the students who will use it. To enhance the combination of customer experience and user experience, Nambisan and Nambisan advocate a framework consisting of four dimensions to meet user needs in online systems:

1. Pragmatic experience: the degree of right knowledge

2. Sociability experience: the extent to which the system encourages group interactions

3. Usability experience: the degree of ease of use

4. Hedonic experience: the level of mental stimulation

Create a task force involving teachers, students, RTO managers, and other staff members to collaborate on these four experience elements to form the foundation of your online learning system. After all, who better to assist in creating the ultimate user experience than your RTO’s current users?


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