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Reporting Season – Revealing the Ugly Side of your RTO

November 18, 2020

‘Tis the season for AVETMISS reporting! We know reporting season isn’t necessarily the most relaxing time of the year, but we’re here to make it a lot easier to stay compliant. From unsuccessful first audits to unclear AVETMISS errors, read on to learn how to reduce your reporting season stress.

We all know the office can turn into a place of stress and frustration during the reporting season, with our inner stress-monster being released it can be hard to keep chill. When you throw in various systems, never-ending tasks, and errors to rectify, reporting can easily become overwhelming and time-consuming.

Stress-less with Automation 

During this time you may have wondered if there was an easier way to complete all of those small, yet time-consuming tasks. Workflow automation is the answer – you only need to set up the task process once, and workflow automation will do the work for you. Think of it like Santa’s elves, autonomously working to make sure all your gifts (tasks) are completed on time. And, they always get the job done (if Christmas movies are anything to go by). 

An automated process is not only efficient but also minimises human error. With so many things going on as we move closer to the end of the year, it’s easy for things to slip through or be forgotten. With workflow automation, the system will do the work for you, whether it be sending out surveys, reporting, progress emails and other admin tasks – it also doesn’t need a minimum of three coffees to keep it going. 

AVETMISS reporting in a few clicks

Even with workflow automation, it’s no small task to submit an entire year’s worth of data to NCVER. We know patience is tested when the task of identifying errors and validating data can take hours and hours. A system that supports reporting and compliance will make it easier to stay compliant through integrations. An NCVER integration, for example, will be hard to live without once you have it. 

When everything you need is within one system, getting to a place of non-compliance will be virtually impossible. A one system solution makes it easy to find specific data, such as certificate dates and trainers’ public liability, and allows for keeping track of data through functionalities such as dashboard widgets that automatically alert you to any expired documents that need addressing.

With aXcelerate, you’ll no longer need to download NAT files and upload them into NCVER’s portal for final validation. Instead, a simple process of running the full suite of validation rules from NCVER’s AVETMISS Validation Software and checking the integrity of your records can occur within our one system where your records are stored. Each submission can be uploaded directly into NCVER from aXcelerate, with errors appearing immediately. You can even click into each error to find it, fix it and resubmit within aXcelerate. 

Getting the unwavering support you need during reporting season is also vital to good compliance. It’s important that when you ask for support, it’s given to you in a friendly and timely manner. Tools like webinars and how-to videos are a great way to learn at your own pace and refer back to when needed.

How the aXcelerate team stays zen

We thought we’d ask some of our aXcelerate team members how they reduce stress. 

Charissa (Onboarding): Binge watches movies, gets a massage and bakes her favourite food

Blair (Support): Tries to get NCVER to send him chocolate. Exhibit A:

Emma (Marketing): Listens to Taylor Swift’s entire discography on shuffle

Rowan (Onboarding): Goes for cheeky late night 7/11 snack runs and hangs out with his pet bird

Caitlin (Marketing): All of the pilates and pug cuddles (if only I could do this at the same time?!)

All in all, compliance may be a force to be reckoned with, but it can be made easier with the right support and tools. 

With reporting season rapidly approaching, now is a great time to switch to aXcelerate. Have the support you need to stay compliant all in one system

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