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On board the Ruby Princess—This RTO’s incredible role during the COVID-19 Crisis

May 2, 2020

An award-winning RTO with extensive experience in public health services, Aspen Medical is playing a critical role in supporting the global community through the COVID-19 crisis. 

Earlier this month, Aspen Medical braved the infected Ruby Princess to aid the crew and passengers on board. Their multidisciplinary team offered ongoing advice on isolation and quarantine services and COVID-19 testing, monitored the daily health of crew members and supplemented protective equipment[1]. 

Aspen Medical Founder Glenn Keys says his organisation is currently "working to roll out pop up" respiratory clinics around Australia. This includes a "50-bed emergency department" in the ACT. 

"We've also developed the online infectious disease training that over half a million people have already completed," says Keys[2].

"Our job is not to run the respiratory clinics but to set them up. We work with GP services to work out how to establish the facility so it doesn't disrupt the flow of their normal operation."

The temporary COVID-19 emergency department is taking shape on Garran Oval, opposite the Canberra Hospital, and is set to be complete by mid-May. It will remain a temporary facility and only take patients with COVID-19, and will provide over 200 jobs for healthcare staff. 

A critical role in healthcare

Even before COVID-19, Aspen Medical has always provided critical support for health crises all around the globe. 

In September 2019, members of the Aspen Medical team were awarded the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal for their efforts during the West Africa Ebola Crisis[1].

His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley commended the team, saying, “These Australians are outstanding—in a moment of real danger, a humanitarian crisis, they used their training and expertise to save lives.”

Following this success, Aspen Medical was contracted to construct six world-class primary healthcare centres across nine areas of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. 

Once complete, the clinic will “strengthen both coverage and quality of primary healthcare in Abu Dhabi”[1]—a much-needed endeavour during the current healthcare climate. 

There’s no doubt that Aspen Medical will continue their commendable effort and deliver Australia paramount care and support through the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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