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Improve your RTO’s Compliance with Learning Plans

March 19, 2021

Assessments tend to be an RTO’s biggest pitfall for ASQA audits, and training organisations are constantly trying to improve student engagement with learning content and online lessons. In a good Student Management System (SMS) and Learning Management System (LMS), trainers and assessors should not only be able to map assessment questions directly to ASQA’s training components, but also easily create beautiful, user-friendly assessments.

That’s where Learning Plans can be a game-changer for online assessment and lessons.

Learning Plans allow trainers and assessors to:
  • Schedule, order and present online course content and assessment in easy-to-navigate learning modules
  • Set and map rules, dependencies and prerequisites for learning and assessment throughout each learning module
  • Keep learning and assessments in sync with key Unit and Course dates, making it easier for learners to stay on track through a combination of self-driven and schedule-based progression[1].
According to ASQA, the top three problems with assessment are:
  • Poor assessment strategies and tools
  • Poor assessment practices
  • Unqualified trainers and assessors

With this clear need for upskilling and improvement in assessment design and development, using a streamlined assessment tool like Learning Plans within an LMS/SMS is the best way forward.

Firstly, why should your training organisation deliver online/blended learning?

It’s no secret that we live in an increasingly digitised world, and the acceleration of digital learning and training environments due to the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way the VET sector delivers training. With better communication and compliance capabilities, moving your training online provides many advantages and opportunities for growth.

We all know staying compliant can be stressful in VET, so a good online assessment tool in a Student Management System can reduce risk for ASQA audits through creating assessments and mapping the questions directly to ASQA’s training components.

Additionally, training and assessing in an online environment can be better suited and more agile to staying industry-current, especially as technologies develop, change and become more accessible.

The benefits of using Learning Plans

When creating online lessons and assessment, RTOs need to be confident that they will produce job-ready, competent graduates whilst aligning to training package requirements. There are many benefits to using learning plans:

For assessment and lesson creation

Finding the balance between compliance and creating engaging content to support a variety of learning styles can be made easier with learning plans. With full control and creative freedom to schedule, order and present online course content, learning plans can elevate the student experience and provide educators with complete oversight of the class.

Learning Plans in the aXcelerate LMS

Quality control

Learning plans can enhance your training organisation’s quality control process. Ensuring the assessment being delivered maintains a consistent, high quality standard is paramount for student and RTO success, and learning plans are a great tool to achieve this.


We all know assessment mapping can be a laborious task. Mapping is important for checking that your assessments cover the requirements of the unit and also that you are not over-assessing or assessing things not required. A good SMS/LMS will provide mapping capabilities where assessment questions can be mapped directly to ASQA’s training components. Learning plans perfectly complement the mapping and compliance process, with supporting features such as:

  • The ability to set up rules and dependencies for learning and assessment
  • The ability to keep learning and assessments in sync with key unit and course dates
  • Grouping modules of learning and assessment around related competencies or at the individual competency level
For the student experience – engaging learners while staying compliant

In an online learning environment, structure is extremely important for students so that they can progress through the course without confusion. With learning plans, assessment and lessons can be designed in a way that encourages and inspires students to complete the learning task. Students should also know how they are progressing and when they are successfully developing competencies. This also benefits trainers, as they’ll be able to clearly see the student’s progress and provide feedback and support when needed.

Learning plans can also assist with making the relation between the learning content and industry clear. When students can see how their lessons and assessment relate to the world of work, they are likely to become more engaged and achieve better results. This clarity of expectations can be achieved with learning plans – allowing assessors and trainers to present clear, step-by-step plans, including prerequisite rules and dependencies. The combination of self-driven learning and/or schedule-based progression learning plans can offer, as well as keeping learning and assessment in sync with key unit and course dates, ensures students are guided to competency through a seamless process.


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