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HTML: Growing Your Learner Pool Through Design

October 29, 2017

Having a satisfying website for your organisation is a must if you plan on attracting as many learners as possible. As the first point of contact for your company, your website helps convert visitors into possible students. Do you have a website you’re proud of? Have you seen other websites which have blown your mind? Could yours do with some improvement? Websites are the key to customer consideration. If yours is the most fluid and interesting one on the market, it’s sure to turn heads and attract learners.

Having the capacity to approach distinctive website ideas, and implement them on your website, is a lucrative necessity. You can implement this through web building software and knowing how to manipulate web data, like HTML, into good looking pages.

Understanding HTML and CSS can greatly improve your organisation’s website. Of course, there are many variations of incredible website building software, however, personally understanding the process will help you communicate the perfect landing page ideas, and identify the systems in place to create aesthetically pleasing web pages (not to mention helping you get the very best out of web building software).

Remember that your website must be inclusive of all visitors considering your institution, from early awareness to the very point of enrollment and beyond. Give them an experience which flows with their attitude. Think about the process your potential students will be going through to get to your page and prioritise the design and pages accordingly so each instance of potential student can navigate your landing page with ease.

As you apply your knowledge of web code throughout your site, making charming alterations, be conscious of the audience: visitors, potential learners, and learners. You want to attract the visitors, impressing them enough to turn them into learners.

If you’re keen to give HTML a try, have a look at this free website that will give you a basic rundown. It may seem daunting at first, but as you start to learn, the web will become a new realm for your organisation’s personality to flourish.

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