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How training organisations can save time with workflow automation

October 19, 2021

Workflow automation sounds daunting, but is actually quite the opposite. Workflow automation allows you to set up your repetitive tasks so that for as long as you want them to, they get done on their own. Sounds a bit like magic, right?

Well, the set up of workflow automation requires a little more mouse-clicking than waving a magic wand. But, once it's set up it can transform your whole way of working, giving your team more time to focus on the learner experience.

Why is workflow automation important for your training organisation?


Automated learner engagement, reporting and communication with staff and learners can save you a lot of time on manual administration tasks. The first step is really to ask, “can a workflow be created here to save time?”.

What tasks can you automate to save time and improve quality management? 

There are so many different types of tasks that can be automated, but let's go through some common ones now. 

  • Conduct learner engagement, course completion and post-course surveys – these can be automated to increase quality management
  • Reports – you’ll be able to run scheduled reports (e.g. once a month) and send to users such as trainers, compliance staff or managers. Automated reports could include financial reports, unit reports, AVETMISS reports and learner invoices.
  • AVETMISS validation report – run this report once a week and receive it in your inbox
  • Communication with learners and trainers – perform day-to-day communication tasks like bookings and enrolment confirmations, welcome emails, reminders (email and SMS), cancellation notifications and event notices.
  • Manage learner data
  • Issue certificates
  • Reminders and other communication with learners
  • Learner invoicing and finance
  • Enrollment and attendance records
  • Marketing communications (i.e response to online inquiries, notice of upcoming courses)
An example of an AVETMISS Data Report in aXcelerate

Reduce risk and save costs

When you need to send out critical emails and communications, automating them can almost act as a safety net to ensure the task gets done. You’ll be able to reach multiple contacts simultaneously by sending automatic email and SMS templates that you have complete control over. Your RTO can create schedules for these recurring tasks to improve efficiency.

An example of a new autotask set-up in aXcelerate

An exceptional learner experience

With workflow automation up and running in your training business, admin staff and trainers will have more time to focus on engaging with your learners, creating a better overall learning experience – from enrolment to completion. 

An example of an automated reminder email that has been sent from aXcelerate using workflow automation

Complex automation

Setting up single-step or simple multi-step workflows is one thing, but expanding customised conditions, adding more triggers and deeper integrations can have an even bigger impact on the way your business processes work. Let’s go through some examples of how you can use complex automation. 

Custom reports

An example of what you could do to improve business processes here is to create a workflow that runs a saved custom report once a week of learners who enrolled in, for example, the Certificate IV in Business without a verified USI. Using automated emails, you can then automatically email all of these learners to request that they provide their USI.

Personalised emails

As an example, aXcelerate’s workflow function allows you to program and personalise emails to your learners at different times in their lifecycle by adding particular conditions (business rules) to automation tasks. This can assist with managing multiple classes, courses and intake dates. With this function, you can set up and automate sequences that containthe information learners will need at each stage of their course. Your learners will then receive the communication via email or SMS at the right time. 

An example of a complex automation email sequence in aXcelerate

If your Student Management System provider enables you to build dynamic, integrated and scalable workflows with responsive customer support and ongoing training – workflow automation becomes much less complicated to implement and maintain. And, with help guides, webinars, client forums and individual support to help you build and test specialised workflows tailored to your organisation, you’ll be able to stay on track with ease and peace of mind. 

Workflow automation is a Turbo feature in aXcelerate.

Did you know?

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From starting out as an RTO, to developing our software and continuing to grow through many changes in the VET sector over the past 32 years, we’ve helped almost 1000 training organisations thrive with aXcelerate’s One System SMS/LMS solution.

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