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How to namastay calm during AVETMISS reporting season

December 18, 2018

If you work in an RTO, you’re probably well aware of the mass stress and anxiety that one particular word can have around this time of year. And while there’s no escaping the pressure that comes with AVETMISS, there are ways to reduce your stress by implementing a few handy strategies.

Although probably less familiar to you than AVETMISS, yoga is a daily routine that supports mental well-being and improves your physical health. Whether you practice at home or with others in a studio, the benefits of yoga are sure to relieve reporting woes.

Here’s a 6-step checklist to give you the best of both worlds with a crossover of reporting preparation and yoga poses to help you survive this reporting season.

1. Skill up in your systems

Skill Up Yoga

If you struggle or are uncertain with using particular parts of your systems, now is the best time to get acquainted before the reporting rush. Take the time to thoughtfully go through your system and note any problem areas to revisit before AVETMISS reporting. Practice these until it becomes natural and seek that extra bit of assistance if you still need it.

To be able to concentrate most effectively when refreshing your system knowledge, the best pose to promote mental focus is a bridge pose. This pose encourages concentration and will energise you in the first step of getting prepared for reporting.    

2. Preparation is key

Preperation Yoga

The most effective way to minimise stress is to prepare. If you haven’t already, start preparing your data now and conduct internal audits to highlight any areas which might be a red flag, and amend these sooner rather than later. Prepare an action plan and set goals before submissions open to ensure you are more than ready to report.

Before you begin your preparation, try the half moon pose as part of your routine. This pose helps reduce signs of anxiety and fatigue and will help set you up for reporting success from the beginning.

3. Awareness

Awareness Yoga

Research common AVETMESS errors and read up on ways to avoid these leading up to reporting. With names that aren’t so clear, errors can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t know what to do. You can read up on common errors and how to solve them here and keep your stress levels low.

To increase your concentration levels, practice the tree pose to improve balance both mentally and physically.

4. Embrace the unexpected

Embrace Yoga

No matter how much you plan, things might not always run exactly to your schedule. This can be a chaotic time of year and things can go awry with planning and scheduling. If you are depending on others to fill in blanks in your data, send them reminders now so they can get you what you need with ample time.   

To practice mindfulness for when things get a little bit crazy, the downward facing dog is one that will prepare you in the best way. This pose will help you to calm the brain and relieve stress, energise the body and relieve headaches and back pain.

5. Face the facts

Face The Facts Yoga

The most important thing to remember is that things won’t always go smoothly. This is a common case among RTOs, with 2017 seeing only 26% of providers being successful during their first audit (ASQA, 2017). If you do need to submit your data again, take a deep breath and thoughtfully go over your data and adjust accordingly.

To relieve stress, try the lion pose to blow off some steam and lighten up your mood. This one looks a little crazy—but believe us—it works!

6. Completion

Yoga Completion

Once you have successfully submitted your report, take time out to readjust and reconnect. Plan in advance to do an activity that you enjoy so you have something to look forward to when things are looking a little rough.

To relax to your fullest potential, the corpse pose will help to calm the brain, relax the body and promote deep sleep.

We know that reporting can be tough, but with the right approach and mindful preparation you can breeze your way through and kick your compliance goals.

Good luck!

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