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How to design and deliver online assessment to support learner progression

October 8, 2021

Creating and delivering online lessons and assessments can be rewarding and highly effective, and learners can gain high quality outcomes from completing them. To achieve these outcomes, trainers and assessors need to be able to support learners and learner progression with a high quality Learning Management System (LMS).

Online learning and assessment

When learners enter the online learning environment, such as within the LMS your organisation uses, are they confused? Or do they know straight away what they need to do?

The LMS and online learning should be designed so that the learner immediately knows where to go to start their lessons and assessments. As they progress through the online content, learners should then easily be able to see where their progression. And, the content should be structured so that learners aren’t overwhelmed with information and stay engaged throughout the learning.

This is where Learning Plans can become your favourite go-to feature for online learning and assessment.

Learning Plans allow trainers and assessors to create, schedule, order and present online learning content in modules that guide the learner step-by-step through the learning. Essentially, all trainers need to do to create effective online learning with Learning Plans is: 

Author your content

Build your Learning Plan

Control the flow of your students' learning.

An example of a Learning Plan in the aXcelerate Learning Management System
Learning Plans in aXcelerate

Designing online assessments to support learner progression

We know that online learning and assessment should be:

  • interactive,
  • engaging, and
  • designed with learners’ competency and growth in mind. 

But, one of the biggest challenges in online assessment is learner progression. Learners need to be consistenly engaged with the learning content and assessment to keep progressing through their online learning with ease, confidence and interest.

When authoring your lessons and assessments, interactive question types can help with creating content that supports immersion and engagement. But when it comes to supporting learner progression, the next step is to use a Learning Plan.

Learner progression is key for ensuring learners complete assessments and become competent with job-ready outcomes. With Learning Plans, trainers can set up rules, dependencies and prerequisites for learning and assessment throughout learning modules. This creates a combination of self-driven and schedule-based progression. Learning Plans complement the entire learning journey through a course while providing well-structured and engaging resources that cater to a range of learning styles.

With the flexibility of schedule-based and self-driven progression, learners are more likely to remain confident during their time spent learning, studying and completing assessment.

The assessment can then in itself become a confirmation tool that creates a deepening of the learners’ knowledge and skills. This further supports learner confidence through the assessment process.

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