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How Learning Plans can help RTOs with complex delivery structures

October 5, 2021

Many training organisations use rolling enrolments and other complex delivery scheduling, which can make managing different cohorts of learners through multiple rounds of learning and assessment laborious. Whether you’re delivering full qualifications, short courses or anything in between, Learning Plans can help make the delivery of online learning and assessment much easier.   

Essentially, Learning Plans is a feature of a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows for online learning and assessment to be organised into easy-to-navigate learning modules.

How Learning Plans can help with managing complex delivery of online learning 

Managing content, lessons, assessment, practicals, overviews and more for multiple learner cohorts with non-linear delivery can get complicated quickly. 

Your LMS should allow you to create compliant and engaging online lessons and assessments. But, when it comes to taking things a step further with assessment mapping, syncing assessments with key Unit and Course dates and keeping learners on track, trainers and assessors can really benefit from a tool like Learning Plans. 

Modules – stay compliant and guide the learner through the learning

Learning Plans will allow you to create modules that can be set with rules, dependencies and prerequisites for learning and assessment, which can then be set and mapped to Units. Within the modules you create, lessons and assessments are able to be kept in sync with key Unit and Course dates, making it easier for learners to manage their learning through a combination of self-driven and schedule-based progression. 

An example of modules in a Learning Plan coming in handy is an apprenticeship, where the work is potentially done for months and months until the next aspect of it is due, or the next practical block is delivered. Instead of enrolling learners into hundreds of practicals, assessments and learner guides, the Learning Plan allows trainers to have modules, module releases and set the rules around what each learner can see, alongside seeing from a high level view which modules a learner has completed.

Learning Plans have been designed to allow trainers and assessors to control the flow of the learning journey by being able to easily monitor and control the progression of each learner, including their starting time, viewing time, when they start each Unit and more. Trainers can also set Learning Plans so that learners are required to complete a unit of competency before completing another. 

Assessment Mapping

We all know assessment mapping can be a laborious task. Mapping is important for checking that your assessments cover the requirements of the unit and also that you are not over-assessing or assessing things not required. A good SMS/LMS will provide mapping capabilities where assessment questions can be mapped directly to ASQA’s training components. Learning plans perfectly complement the mapping and compliance process, with supporting features such as:

  • The ability to set up rules and dependencies for learning and assessment
  • The ability to keep learning and assessments in sync with key unit and course dates
  • Grouping modules of learning and assessment around related competencies or at the individual competency level.

As we like to say at aXcelerate, Learning Plans is as easy as: 

Author your content

Build your Learning Plan

Control the flow of your students’ learning.

Check out this video of our lead Product Designer Sam giving an overview of Learning Plans, now live in the aXcelerate LMS

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