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How Learning Plans can elevate your first aid course

September 2, 2021

Delivering lots of online lessons and assessments to large cohorts of learners can easily become complicated without a tool that can organise and structure everything. Learning Plans are the ultimate superpower for RTOs to use to create a seamless and engaging training experience for all involved.

What are Learning Plans?

Learning Plans is a feature within a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows trainers and assessors to schedule, order and present online course content and assessments in easy-to-navigate learning modules. It not only looks visually stunning for learners, but it can also help immensely with making course delivery easier. This is due to the ability to create modules in the Learning Plan that can be set with rules, dependencies and prerequisites for learning and assessments that can be set and mapped to Units. Learning and assessments in the Learning Plan can be kept in sync with key Unit and Course dates, making it easier for learners to manage their learning through a combination of self-driven and schedule-based progression. 

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How can Learning Plans help with better delivery of first aid courses? 

Easy delivery, even when its complex

Some RTOs have delivery structures that are somewhat non-linear, or they may use rolling enrolments. RTOs can harness a lot of power from Learning Plans for managing complex delivery schedules. Rather than enrolling learners into multiple practicals, assessments, learner guides and more, learners can be grouped into specific modules with scheduling, including when each learner starts each Unit. This is a much simpler way to manage delivery dates, and both trainers and learners will appreciate how this looks.


Creating modules within the Learning Plan means there isn’t an endless list of assessments with no real structure around them. Modules allow you to set rules around releases of the content and assessment, what the learner can and can’t see in their Learner Portal, and how it appears in a class structure for the trainer. This creates the ability for a combination of self-paced and schedule-based progression. Within modules, trainers can upload resources, videos, images and more alongside lessons and assessment, allowing everything to be organised and well-structured. 

For first aid courses, having, for example, external resources uploaded right next to knowledge quizzes and information sheets is really useful for keeping the learner on track with the learning in one place. The clear organisation and structure of Learning Plan modules can also make the online learning feel more manageable alongside in-person training, such as referencing back to theory that’s all organised in one place. If, for example, in an in-person workshop learners are required to take a short multiple-choice quiz to test their knowledge from the session, trainers can leave the pile of paper and clipboards behind. Learning Plans should be accessible on a laptop or mobile device, and learners can easily take the quiz online with automatic marking.

User experience

Learning Plans were designed with the learner and trainer/assessor in mind. Users don’t need to go looking around for lessons, materials and assessments as everything is in one place. The design leads learners step by step through the learning, making online training easier to progress through with confidence and clarity. Trainers and assessors can view learner progression with ease, ensuring they're staying on track.

One System

The best part about Learning Plans in aXcelerate is that our Learning Management System is fully integrated with our Student Management System (SMS). This means all data from the Learning Plan is stored in the same place as your SMS, making processes more simplified, compliance easier and you’ll be able to save money without the need for multiple separate systems and integrations. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Learning Plans can help your RTO, watch this webinar with our lead UI/UX Designer Sam and Sales Executive Katie: 

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