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50% of apprentices are training with independent RTOs – but is their student experience falling short?

February 22, 2022

New data shows one-in-two apprentices and trainees are supported by independent RTOs. Government initiatives such as the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements wage subsidy are likely to have encouraged this large growth in numbers, alongside the increasingly positive reputation of the independent vocational training sector.  

Apprentices and trainees 2021: June quarter

With independent providers supporting more apprentices and trainees than ever, it’s important for us to look at where the student experience may be falling short. One of the biggest detractors of a work-based learning experience for students, admins, trainers, compliance staff and host employer supervisors is paper-based logbooks. 

Why should we leave paper-based logbooks in the past?

Compliance and risk mitigation

When reporting, something as small as an incorrect date or a missing signature can create a compliance nightmare – and can result in the RTO losing significant amounts of time and money. 

With outdated paper-based systems, compliance staff endure the stress of manually inputting data and evidence from paper logbooks to a Student Management System, while ensuring every tick and cross is complete and correct for every student across an entire work placement. 

Using a digitised version of the traditional paper-logbook can solve this efficiency problem. A digital work-based learning system should do these core things: 

  • integrate with your Student Management System – centralising all information and eliminating the need for double data entry
  • automation – set up workflows to never miss a critical task or detail
  • have mobile apps – for students (to upload evidence in real-time, even offline, record sentiment and more) and supervisors (to review logbook entries, approve evidence with digital signatures, mark attendance and provide feedback)
  • give trainers and admins peace of mind with the ability to monitor student progression and feel secure that the compliance aspect is covered 

…and so much more. 

aXcelerate's WBL app

The student experience 

To become the provider of choice in your industry for students looking for work-based learning, offering the most up-to-date technology and efficiency will give you a huge advantage. 

Students expect their chosen training provider to provide a high-quality, modern experience across all areas of their training and assessment. Relying on paper-based logbooks to be kept secure, safe and up-to-date throughout the entirety of the work-based learning is inconvenient and inefficient, and a risk that training providers shouldn’t be taking.

And it's not just about risk mitigation – a digital logbook app can give your students the opportunity to create their own work-based learning story on their own devices in real-time, while you easily monitor their progress. 

The heart of moving to a digital work-based learning system is that it allows you to set your students up for success. With successful and satisfied students comes better compliance. And with better compliance, the quality and reputation of the VET sector is strengthened.  

To find out more about how aXcelerate’s Work-Based Learning feature can elevate your training organisation’s work-based learning management, reach out to our friendly team here.  

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